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UK Qualifying School 2021 Stage 1B: Day Two Draw and Live Scores

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European Qualifying School 2021 Stage 1B: Day Three Draw and Live Scores

Dudbridge, Huybrechts and Askew among latest Stage Two qualifiers at Qualifying School

Jamie Shaw in Q School 12 Feb 2021
Former world finalist Mark Dudbridge celebrates (Photo by Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

Mark Dudbridge, Ronny Huybrechts and Jason Askew were among the eight players to seal places in the Final Stage of PDC Qualifying School on Friday.

Former World Championship finalist Dudbridge lost his Tour Card at the end of 2019, but headlined the four players from the UK Qualifying School in Milton Keynes to secure automatic progression to the Final Stage.

The 48-year-old whitewashed Rhys Davies in their decider, having previously overcome fellow former World Masters champion John O’Shea 6-2 in the Last 16.

Askew’s bid to win a Tour Card for the first time saw the 27-year-old win six matches on the day to advance, as he bids to emulate father Dave – a two-time World Championship semi-finalist – in becoming a PDC professional.

Ireland’s Martin Heneghan continued his bid to win a Tour Card in his maiden Q School campaign as he progressed at the Marshall Arena.

A former Development Tour player and World Youth Championship qualifier, Heneghan defeated both Andy Jenkins and Kyle Richardson by 6-1 scorelines in his final two games to secure his Final Stage spot.

Loughton’s Paul Holloway, a 53-year-old competing in his fourth Qualifying School, defeated experienced Darren Johnson 6-4 in their decider as he moved through to Sunday’s action.

At European Qualifying School in Niedernhausen, Belgium’s Ronny Huybrechts and Spain’s Jose Justicia also won through to Final Stage as they bid to win back professional status.

Former World Cup of Darts finalist Huybrechts dropped just four legs in five matches to secure his progression in style.

Dutchman Gino Vos was the only player to win any legs against the former European Championship semi-finalist, losing out 6-4 in the Last 16 before Huybrechts whitewashed Marcel Gerdon to progress.

Spain’s Justicia took a step towards winning back his PDC Tour Card – having previously competed on the PDC ProTour in 2018/19 – by defeating Italy’s Daniele Petri 6-3 in their decider.

Fellow Belgian Davyd Venken also qualified for the Final Stage, defeating Canada’s Matt Campbell 6-1 in their decider, while Germany’s Florian Hempel, a 30-year-old from Cologne, defeated 2012 Lakeside Champion Christian Kist 6-4 in the Last Eight.

Stage 1B concludes on Saturday in Milton Keynes and Niedernhausen, with the full 128-player fields for the UK and European Qualifying School Final Stages to be confirmed following the third day of action.

Four-time UK Open qualifier Lee Evans and former UK Open semi-finalist Robert Owen are amongst the players at UK Qualifying School set to claim spots in the 36 places reserved in Final Stage from the Stage 1B Order of Merit.

Canadian ace Campbell, Italian World Cup representative Petri, German youngster Gerdon and Dutch star Kist all secured progression to Final Stage by picking up valuable ranking points on Day Two.

Former World Championship qualifier Patrick Bulen will also progress, while former Croatian World Cup representative Robert Marijanovic is well-placed in the European Qualifying School Stage 1B Order of Merit, from which at least 43 players will progress.


UK Qualifying School Stage 1B Day Two Results

Last 32
Mark Dudbridge 6-0 Derek Lumley
John O’Shea 6-3 Stu Wilson
Jamie Clark 6-4 AJ Urmston-Toft
Rhys Davies 6-1 Lee Whitworth
Lee Evans 6-5 Lloyd Pennell
Paul Holloway 6-4 Adam Mould
Lee Cocks 6-1 Ian Plumb
Darren Johnson 6-3 Jon Mansell
Andy Jenkins 6-2 David Neads
Martin Heneghan 6-3 Jake Jones
Kyle Richardson 6-4 Antony Allen
Thomas Lovely 6-5 Jonathan Wynn
Brian Hallas 6-5 Robert Owen
Jason Askew 6-2 Ben Cheeseman
Jarred Cole 6-5 Nick Fullwell
Adrian Devine 6-3 Martin Thomas

Last 16
Mark Dudbridge 6-2 John O’Shea
Rhys Davies 6-5 Jamie Clark
Paul Holloway 6-3 Lee Evans
Darren Johnson 6-2 Lee Cocks
Martin Heneghan 6-1 Andy Jenkins
Kyle Richardson 6-5 Thomas Lovely
Jason Askew 6-0 Brian Hallas
Jarred Cole 6-2 Adrian Devine

Last Eight
Mark Dudbridge 6-0 Rhys Davies
Paul Holloway 6-4 Darren Johnson
Martin Heneghan 6-1 Kyle Richardson
Jason Askew 6-2 Jarred Cole

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European Qualifying School Stage 1B Day One Results

Last 32
Matt Campbell 6-2 Karel Papezik
Stefan Bellmont 6-0 Owen Roelofs
Robbie Knops 6-4 Johan Engstrom
Davyd Venken 6-4 Christian Jentschke
Veijo Viinikka 6-3 Levy Frauenfelder
Florian Hempel 6-3 Jandirk de Groot
Christian Kist 6-4 Veniamin Symeonidis
Laurent Toussaint 6-4 Thomas Junghans
José Justicia 6-1 Joey de Jong
Jimmy Hendriks 6-2 Michael Seemann
Maikel Venema 6-4 Steve Wollener
Daniele Petri 6-5 Luc Peters
Marcel Gerdon 6-1 Kevin Blomme
Willem Mandigers 6-2 Ryan De Vreede
Ronny Huybrechts 6-0 Dominique Goldberg
Gino Vos 6-5 Stefan Nilles

Last 16
Matt Campbell 6-3 Stefan Bellmont
Davyd Venken 6-3 Robbie Knops
Florian Hempel 6-1 Veijo Viinikka
Christian Kist 6-2 Laurent Toussaint
José Justicia 6-5 Jimmy Hendriks
Daniele Petri 6-2 Maikel Venema
Marcel Gerdon 6-2 Willem Mandigers
Ronny Huybrechts 6-4 Gino Vos

Last Eight
Davyd Venken 6-1 Matt Campbell
Florian Hempel 6-4 Christian Kist
Jose Justicia 6-3 Daniele Petri
Ronny Huybrechts 6-0 Marcel Gerdon

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