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European Qualifying School 2021 Stage 1B: Day Two Draw and Live Scores

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Dudbridge, Huybrechts and Askew among latest Stage Two qualifiers at Qualifying School

UK Qualifying School 2021 Stage 1B: Day Two Draw and Live Scores

Jamie Shaw in Q School 12 Feb 2021
Alan Norris is among the big names in action (Photo by Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

Stage 1B of 2021 UK Qualifying School continues in Milton Keynes on Friday, and you can follow the draw and latest results here.

In a change for 2021, the players who lost their Tour Card at the end of last season will be exempt to the Final Stage of Qualifying School, alongside players who finished in the top 16 of the 2020 Challenge Tour and Development Tour Orders of Merit.

A three-day Stage One of UK Qualifying School will be limited to sufficient players to produce a full round of a maximum of 128 players per venue.

The First Stage will be split across two blocks of three days, with Stage 1A being held from February 8-10 and Stage 1B from February 11-13.

The Final Stage will then take place from February 14-17 – where 128 players will battle it out for the 29 available Tour Cards.

The last four players from each of the three days in Stage One will advance to the Final Stage, with ranking points given to other players based on the number of match wins from the first full round onwards.

That will form an Order of Merit from which further players will move into the Final Stage where Tour Cards will be up for grabs.

Fallon Sherrock, Kevin Painter, Arron Monk, Adam Smith-Neale and Haupai Puha were among the notable names to progress from Stage 1A earlier in the week.

Anastasia Dobromyslova, John O’Shea, Diogo Portela, Mark Dudbridge and Danny Baggish are among the established names in action in UK Qualifying School Stage 1B.

Play gets underway from 2pm GMT, with all matches to be contested over the best of 11 legs.


UK Qualifying School Stage 1B – Day Two Draw

Friday February 12

Last 256
Brian Barnett 6-0 Lyndon Hextall
Mark Dudbridge 6-4 Adam Jenkinson
Jordan Brooks 6-3 Lewis Pride
Stu Wilson 6-0 Coby Jones-Swanson
Justin Hood 6-4 Daniel Baggish
Veljko Knezevic 6-2 Jonathan Hayllor
Rhys Davies 6-3 Andrew Poole
Kieran Evans 6-1 Emlyn Clark
Glenn Gibson 6-4 Stephen McNally
Ross Rimmer 6-2 Ryan Craddock
Paul Holloway 6-1 Carter Guiney
Tony Procter 6-1 Joshua Williams
Ian Plumb 6-5 Daniel Lee
Prakash Jiwa 6-4 Reece Pauling
Bradley Quelch 6-3 Sam Hunter
Henry Cutting 6-5 Jamie Robinson
Martin Lukeman 6-1 Brad Phillips
Andy Jenkins 6-1 Ben Adams
Lee Palfreyman 6-4 Shane Price
Scottie Walters 6-2 Jock Watt
Antony Allen 6-1 Peter Rigler
Todd Richardson 6-3 Janis Mustafejevs
Robbie Ellis 6-2 Bleddyn Lyons
Thomas Lovely 6-1 Scott Ridler
Russell Murphy 6-4 David Nicholson
Robert Owen 6-0 Rhys Flynn
Richie Walsh 6-4 Mark Esson
Jason Askew 6-3 Suzanne Smith
Liam Gallagher 6-5 Billy Gallie
Nick Fullwell 6-0 Christopher Wickenden
Neilie Brouder 6-0 Bruce Troup
Frankie Ansell 6-3 Alex Long

Last 128
Brad Ellis 6-1 Andy McGovern
Derek Lumley 6-4 Brian Barnett
Shaun Matthews 6-3 Mark Kingdon
Mark Dudbridge 6-1 Dan Green
Gary Butcher 6-0 Lee Hayes
John O’Shea 6-5 Jordan Brooks
Michael Baker 6-0 Glenn Fitzpatrick
Stu Wilson 6-1 Wayne France
A.J. Urmston-Toft 6-5 Owen Maiden
Justin Hood 6-0 Jack Boardman
Jamie Clark 6-0 James Bishop (Reading)
Ryan Harrington 6-3 Veljko Knezevic
Shane O’Connor 6-4 Killian Heffernan
Rhys Davies 6-0 Dino Konstantis
Lee Whitworth 6-1 Luke Smith
Ryan Furness 6-5 Kieran Evans
Lloyd Pennell 6-0 Barry Morgan
Glenn Gibson 6-4 James Duncan
Richie Edwards 6-0 Rachel Brooks
Lee Evans 6-4 Ross Rimmer
Steven Bradley 6-0 Marc Benton
Paul Holloway 6-2 Freddy Still
Diogo Portela 6-3 Sean Fisher
Adam Mould 6-5 Tony Procter
Anastasia Dobromyslova 6-1 John Teal
Ian Plumb 6-3 Chris Craven
Lee Cocks 6-4 Lewis Dare
Prakash Jiwa 6-4 Jimmy McKirdy
Darren Johnson 6-3 Darren Armstrong
Anthony Brown 6-5 Bradley Quelch
Jon Mansell 6-1 Chris Hogg
Martin Edwards 6-4 Henry Cutting
David Neads 6-4 Paul Whitworth
Robert Rickwood 6-5 Martin Lukeman
Stephen Burton 6-5 Daniel Lauby
Andy Jenkins 6-4 Reece Colley
Martin Heneghan 6-5 Ian Lever
Ian Jopling 6-3 Lee Palfreyman
Jake Jones 6-3 Callum Goffin
Scottie Walters 6-1 Kevin Garcia
Richard Wood 6-1 Sam Harris
Antony Allen 6-1 John West
Kyle Richardson 6-1 Ronnie Rickner
Ryan Palmer 6-4 Todd Richardson
Jonathan Wynn 6-0 Daniel Maystone
Robbie Ellis 6-2 Andre Luke McGill
Wayne Brill 6-1 Danny Ballard
Thomas Lovely 6-2 Colin Osborne
Brian Hallas 6-1 Kyran Jones
Russell Murphy 6-3 Stuart Reeve
Martyn Turner 6-5 Cameron Anderson
Robert Owen 6-2 Danny Aplin
Ben Cheeseman 6-5 Luke Ely
Richie Walsh 6-3 Terry Creed
Aden Kirk 6-4 Lee Davies
Jason Askew 6-0 Graham Vernon
Karl Webster 6-3 Simon McCall
Jarred Cole 6-3 Liam Gallagher
Justin Smith 6-0 Gary Stafford
Nick Fullwell 6-2 Bradley Holme
Adrian Devine 6-3 Dean Jones (Wales)
Neilie Brouder 6-5 Wayne Thomas
Martin Thomas 6-0 Ben Rigler
Alan Norris 6-2 Frankie Ansell

Last 64
Derek Lumley 6-2 Brad Ellis
Mark Dudbridge 6-5 Shaun Matthews
John O’Shea 6-4 Gary Butcher
Stu Wilson 6-1 Michael Baker
A.J. Urmston-Toft 6-2 Justin Hood
Jamie Clark 6-4 Ryan Harrington
Rhys Davies 6-1 Shane O’Connor
Lee Whitworth 6-4 Ryan Furness
Lloyd Pennell 6-1 Glenn Gibson
Lee Evans 6-2 Richie Edwards
Paul Holloway 6-5 Steven Bradley
Adam Mould 6-4 Diogo Portela
Ian Plumb 6-3 Anastasia Dobromyslova
Lee Cocks 6-4 Prakash Jiwa
Darren Johnson 6-5 Anthony Brown
Jon Mansell 6-5 Martin Edwards
David Neads 6-1 Robert Rickwood
Andy Jenkins 6-5 Stephen Burton
Martin Heneghan 6-3 Ian Jopling
Jake Jones 6-5 Scottie Walters
Antony Allen 6-4 Richard Wood
Kyle Richardson 6-1 Ryan Palmer
Jonathan Wynn 6-1 Robbie Ellis
Thomas Lovely 6-0 Wayne Brill
Brian Hallas 6-3 Russell Murphy
Robert Owen 6-4 Martyn Turner
Ben Cheeseman 6-2 Richie Walsh
Jason Askew 6-5 Aden Kirk
Jarred Cole 6-1 Karl Webster
Nick Fullwell 6-4 Justin Smith
Adrian Devine 6-1 Neilie Brouder
Martin Thomas 6-2 Alan Norris

Last 32
Mark Dudbridge 6-0 Derek Lumley
John O’Shea 6-3 Stu Wilson
Jamie Clark 6-4 AJ Urmston-Toft
Rhys Davies 6-1 Lee Whitworth
Lee Evans 6-5 Lloyd Pennell
Paul Holloway 6-4 Adam Mould
Lee Cocks 6-1 Ian Plumb
Darren Johnson 6-3 Jon Mansell
Andy Jenkins 6-2 David Neads
Martin Heneghan 6-3 Jake Jones
Kyle Richardson 6-4 Antony Allen
Thomas Lovely 6-5 Jonathan Wynn
Brian Hallas 6-5 Robert Owen
Jason Askew 6-2 Ben Cheeseman
Jarred Cole 6-5 Nick Fullwell
Adrian Devine 6-3 Martin Thomas

Last 16
Mark Dudbridge 6-2 John O’Shea
Rhys Davies 6-5 Jamie Clark
Paul Holloway 6-3 Lee Evans
Darren Johnson 6-2 Lee Cocks
Martin Heneghan 6-1 Andy Jenkins
Kyle Richardson 6-5 Thomas Lovely
Jason Askew 6-0 Brian Hallas
Jarred Cole 6-2 Adrian Devine

Last Eight
Mark Dudbridge 6-0 Rhys Davies
Paul Holloway 6-4 Darren Johnson
Martin Heneghan 6-1 Kyle Richardson
Jason Askew 6-2 Jarred Cole