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UK Qualifying School 2021 Stage Two: Day Two Draw and Live Scores

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European Qualifying School 2021 Stage Two: Day Three Draw and Live Scores

Geert Nentjes and Jason Heaver secure PDC Tour Cards at Qualifying School

Jamie Shaw in Q School 15 Feb 2021
Geert Nentjes celebrates (Photo by Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

Geert Nentjes and Jason Heaver each secured a PDC Tour Card on Day Two of Qualifying School Stage Two in Niedernhausen and Milton Keynes respectively.

Having finished runner-up to Geert De Vos on Sunday, Dutch youngster Nentjes went one better 24 hours later as he regained his Tour Card in dramatic fashion with five deciding leg victories from seven games in Monday’s European Qualifying School.

The 22-year-old battled back from behind against Franz Roetzsch, Patrick Tringler and Michael Unterbuchner, and overcame five-time World Champion Raymond van Barneveld on his way to the final.

The final also went all the way as Russia’s Boris Koltsov hit back from 4-2 down to level and then force a decider, only to miss his chance to take victory as the left-hander prevailed.

“It’s a big relief, I’m very happy,” said Nentjes. “Yesterday losing the final, I was a bit nervous today coming in [knowing that I] need a few points more so I’m happy to win it straight back.”

Looking back on his semi-final win over Dutch icon Van Barneveld, he added: “I was playing him and thinking that I want to beat him now so that when I play him on the ProTour I know can beat him, so it’s a bonus for me to win against him.”

A two-time Development Tour event winner in 2019, Nentjes had lost his Tour Card at the end of last year but will make an immediate return to the circuit.

Berkshire’s Heaver, meanwhile, will compete on the PDC circuit for the first time after he came through the field in the UK Qualifying School.

Jason Heaver in action at the 2020 UK Open (Photo by PDC)

A production planner who has previously qualified twice for the UK Open as an amateur, Heaver hit back from 3-1 and 4-2 down in his final against Scotland’s Alan Soutar to win four straight legs in a 6-4 triumph.

Heaver edged out Lewis Williams 6-5 in their last four clash, averaged 100 in a win over Martin Lukeman and also defeated former Tour Card Holders Andrew Gilding and David Pallett on the day.

“It feels absolutely amazing,” said Heaver. “I never thought I was going to do this today but it felt brilliant.

“I’m over the moon. I never thought I was going to get here, playing in this, going through today is brilliant. I really am looking forward to it.

“I’m going to be a dad again in nine weeks, so let’s see what the future holds!”

Monday’s action also featured a nine-dart finish from Ireland’s Shane McGuirk, who achieved perfection to seal his 6-2 win over Lewis Pride in the Last 64.

Soutar now sits at the top of the UK Qualifying School Final Stage Order of Merit on seven points following two of the four days of action, putting himself in pole position to win a Tour Card on Wednesday.

Lukeman sits second with six points alongside Sunday’s runner-up Jack Main, with Eddie Lovely and Gavin Carlin on five points.

In Europe, Zoran Lerchbacher tops the Order of Merit with seven points from two days after following Sunday’s Quarter-Final run with a Semi-Final appearance 24 hours later.

Van Barneveld sits on six points as he bids to mark his comeback by winning a Tour Card, with Koltsov joined on five points by Germany’s Martin Schindler, who registered a remarkable 123.5 average in his Last 32 whitewash of Stefan Nilles to set a new Q School record.

Qualifying School Stage Two action continues on Tuesday, with a further two automatic Tour Cards up for grabs.

In addition to the eight automatic Tour Cards on offer across the four days, a further eight will be available via the European Order of Merit and a further 13 via the UK Order of Merit.


UK Qualifying School Stage Two Day Two Results

Last 32
Joe Murnan 6-5 Kevin Burness
David Wawrzewski 6-4 Thomas Lovely
Alan Soutar 6-4 Jack Main
Jake Jones 6-3 Shane McGuirk
Eddie Lovely 6-4 Jarred Cole
Sean Fisher 6-5 Reece Robinson
Kevin McDine 6-4 Joe Davis
Mike Warburton 6-1 Gordon Mathers
Chris Quantock 6-2 Josh McCarthy
Gavin Carlin 6-3 Carl Wilkinson
Lewis Williams 6-5 Martin Thomas
John Brown 6-3 Lloyd Pennell
Jason Heaver 6-4 Andrew Gilding
Martin Lukeman 6-4 Brett Claydon
Andy Jenkins 6-5 Chas Barstow
Adam Mould 6-3 Peter Hudson

Last 16
Joe Murnan 6-3 David Wawrzewski
Alan Soutar 6-5 Jake Jones
Eddie Lovely 6-2 Sean Fisher
Mike Warburton 6-4 Kevin McDine
Chris Quantock 6-2 Gavin Carlin
Lewis Williams 6-3 John Brown
Jason Heaver 6-3 Martin Lukeman
Adam Mould 6-3 Andy Jenkins

Last Eight
Alan Soutar 6-4 Joe Murnan
Eddie Lovely 6-4 Mike Warburton
Lewis Williams 6-3 Chris Quantock
Jason Heaver 6-1 Adam Mould

Last Four
Alan Soutar 6-4 Eddie Lovely
Jason Heaver 6-5 Lewis Williams

Jason Heaver 6-4 Alan Soutar

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European Qualifying School Stage Two – Day Two Results

Last 32
Ryan De Vreede 6-5 Maikel Venema
Michal Smejda 6-4 Rients Visser
Geert Nentjes 6-5 Patrick Tringler
Michael Unterbuchner 6-3 Sergio Krassen
John Michael 6-4 Veijo Viinikka
Gino Vos 6-3 Gary Mawson
Raymond van Barneveld 6-2 Moreno Blom
Lukas Wenig 6-4 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
José Justicia 6-2 Mario Vandenbogaerde
Zoran Lerchbacher 6-5 Dragutin Horvat
Patrick van den Boogaard 6-5 Davyd Venken
Christian Bunse 6-2 Rowby-John Rodriguez
Boris Koltsov 6-2 Kevin Blomme
Matt Campbell 6-4 Martin Schindler
Davy Proosten 6-1 Pero Ljubic
Niels Zonneveld 6-2 Niko Springer

Last 16
Michal Smejda 6-1 Ryan De Vreede
Geert Nentjes 6-5 Michael Unterbuchner
Gino Vos 6-0 John Michael
Raymond van Barneveld 6-4 Lukas Wenig
Zoran Lerchbacher 6-1 José Justicia
Christian Bunse 6-5 Patrick van den Boogaard
Boris Koltsov 6-5 Matt Campbell
Davy Proosten 6-3 Niels Zonneveld

Last Eight
Geert Nentjes 6-4 Michal Smejda
Raymond van Barneveld 6-5 Gino Vos
Zoran Lerchbacher 6-2 Christian Bunse
Boris Koltsov 6-1 Davy Proosten

Last Four
Geert Nenjtes 6-5 Raymond van Barneveld
Boris Koltsov 6-1 Zoran Lerchbacher

Geert Nentjes 6-5 Boris Koltsov

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