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European Qualifying School 2021 Stage Two: Day Two Draw and Live Scores

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Geert Nentjes and Jason Heaver secure PDC Tour Cards at Qualifying School

UK Qualifying School 2021 Stage Two: Day Two Draw and Live Scores

Jamie Shaw in Q School 15 Feb 2021
Welsh star Jim Williams in action (Photo by Chris Dean/PDC)

Stage Two of 2021 UK Qualifying School continues in Milton Keynes on Monday, and you can follow the draw and latest results here.

Following a fiercely contested Stage One, 128 players will battle it out for the right to earn one of 12 coveted two-year Tour Cards.

One automatic Tour Card will be available each day, alongside a further 13 Tour Cards via the Order of Merit, bringing the total from UK Qualifying School to 17.

The successful Stage One qualifiers are joined by players who dropped off the tour at the end of last season, as well as players who finished in the Top 16 of the 2020 Challenge Tour and Development Tour Orders of Merit.

Former Lakeside Champions Scott Mitchell and Richie Burnett and former PDC world finalists Kevin Painter and Mark Dudbridge are among the notable names in action.

Former World Grand Prix champion Robert Thornton, former PDC World Championship semi-finalists Jamie Lewis and Andy Jenkins are also eyeing a return to the circuit.

History-maker Fallon Sherrock, American ace Danny Baggish, 2020 BDO world finalist Jim Williams, former World Masters champion John O’Shea are among those vying to claim a Tour Card for the first time.

Kirk Shepherd became the first player to progress as an automatic qualifier on Sunday when he defeated rising star Jack Main in the final.

Play gets underway from 12pm GMT, with all matches to be contested over the best of 11 legs.


UK Qualifying School Stage Two – Day Two Draw

Monday February 15

Last 128
Jamie Clark 6-5 Robert Thornton
Jim Williams 6-3 Lee Cocks
Kevin Burness 6-4 Darren Beveridge
David Wawrzewski 6-5 David Ladley
A.J. Urmston-Toft 6-1 Barrie Bates
Thomas Lovely 6-5 Adam Smith-Neale
Sam Booth 6-2 Paul Holloway
Jack Main 6-2 Scott Mitchell
Alan Norris 6-3 Nick Fullwell
Alan Soutar 6-3 David Airey
Brian Hallas 6-4 Keelan Kay
Lewis Pride 6-1 Mark Dudbridge
Shane McGuirk 6-3 Liam Gallagher
Jake Jones 6-3 Jon Worsley
Richie Burnett 6-5 Kevin Garcia
Jason Hogg 6-3 Nathan Girvan
Jarred Cole 6-1 Ben Cheeseman
Eddie Lovely 6-4 Robert Collins
Charlie Symons 6-5 Kevin Thomas
Robert Rickwood 6-2 Paul Mitchell
Sean Fisher 6-5 Scott Williams
Haupai Puha 6-3 Robert Owen
Reece Robinson 6-3 Justin Hood
Kevin McDine 6-0 Jock Watt
Ryan Palmer 6-4 Lee Whitworth
Joe Davis 6-5 Jaikob Selby-Rivas
Scott Taylor 6-3 Reece Colley
Steve Earley 6-5 John Scott
Mike Warburton 6-2 Matthew Dennant
Gordon Mathers 6-2 Martyn Turner
Niall Culleton 6-0 James Bailey
Michael Barnard 6-3 Matt Clark
Chris Quantock 6-4 Aden Kirk
Scott Baker 6-5 Liam Meek
Shane O’Connor 6-2 Arron Monk
Carl Wilkinson 6-3 Nathan Derry
Jason Askew 6-5 Christopher Bent
Gavin Carlin 6-1 Connor Scutt
Lewis Williams 6-5 Fallon Sherrock
John O’Shea 6-4 Graham Usher
Jamie Lewis 6-5 Ian Mackenzie
Martin Thomas 6-5 Simon Stevenson
Darren Johnson 6-5 Lee Evans
John Brown 6-1 Stephen Gallimore
Sam Cankett 6-3 Dom Taylor
Lloyd Pennell 6-5 Rhys Griffin
Andrew Gilding 6-2 Martin Heneghan
Ryan Hogarth 6-1 Jack Vincent
Jason Heaver 6-2 Gary Butcher
David Pallett 6-5 Adrian Gray
Ryan Harrington 6-2 Rhys Davies
Brett Claydon 6-3 Kyle Richardson
Martin Lukeman 6-2 Jonathan Wynn
Dale Hughes 6-5 Richard North
Andy Jenkins 6-3 Jim McEwan
Matt Jackson 6-0 Daniel Lee
Adam Huckvale 6-1 John Imrie
Chas Barstow 6-3 Daniel Baggish
Shaun McDonald 6-3 Prakash Jiwa
Peter Hudson 6-0 Kevin Painter
Conan Whitehead 6-4 José Marquês
Adam Mould 6-3 Derek Coulson

Last 64
Joe Murnan 6-1 Jamie Clark
Kevin Burness 6-4 Jim Williams
David Wawrzewski 6-3 A.J. Urmston-Toft
Thomas Lovely 6-3 Sam Booth
Jack Main 6-1 Alan Norris
Alan Soutar 6-1 Brian Hallas
Shane McGuirk 6-2 Lewis Pride
Jake Jones 6-2 Richie Burnett
Jarred Cole 6-4 Jason Hogg
Eddie Lovely 6-3 Charlie Symons
Sean Fisher 6-3 Robert Rickwood
Reece Robinson 6-5 Haupai Puha
Kevin McDine 6-1 Ryan Palmer
Joe Davis 6-3 Scott Taylor
Mike Warburton 6-1 Steve Earley
Gordon Mathers 6-3 Niall Culleton
Josh McCarthy 6-2 Michael Barnard
Chris Quantock 6-4 Scott Baker
Carl Wilkinson 6-4 Shane O’Connor
Gavin Carlin 6-5 Jason Askew
Lewis Williams 6-3 John O’Shea
Martin Thomas 6-2 Jamie Lewis
John Brown 6-3 Darren Johnson
Lloyd Pennell 6-3 Sam Cankett
Andrew Gilding 6-4 Ryan Hogarth
Jason Heaver 6-0 David Pallett
Brett Claydon 6-4 Ryan Harrington
Martin Lukeman 6-1 Dale Hughes
Andy Jenkins 6-5 Matt Jackson
Chas Barstow 6-5 Adam Huckvale
Peter Hudson 6-5 Shaun McDonald
Adam Mould 6-1 Conan Whitehead

Last 32
Joe Murnan 6-5 Kevin Burness
David Wawrzewski 6-4 Thomas Lovely
Alan Soutar 6-4 Jack Main
Jake Jones 6-3 Shane McGuirk
Eddie Lovely 6-4 Jarred Cole
Sean Fisher 6-5 Reece Robinson
Kevin McDine 6-4 Joe Davis
Mike Warburton 6-1 Gordon Mathers
Chris Quantock 6-2 Josh McCarthy
Gavin Carlin 6-3 Carl Wilkinson
Lewis Williams 6-5 Martin Thomas
John Brown 6-3 Lloyd Pennell
Jason Heaver 6-4 Andrew Gilding
Martin Lukeman 6-4 Brett Claydon
Andy Jenkins 6-5 Chas Barstow
Adam Mould 6-3 Peter Hudson

Last 16
Joe Murnan 6-3 David Wawrzewski
Alan Soutar 6-5 Jake Jones
Eddie Lovely 6-2 Sean Fisher
Mike Warburton 6-4 Kevin McDine
Chris Quantock 6-2 Gavin Carlin
Lewis Williams 6-3 John Brown
Jason Heaver 6-3 Martin Lukeman
Adam Mould 6-3 Andy Jenkins

Last Eight
Alan Soutar 6-4 Joe Murnan
Eddie Lovely 6-4 Mike Warburton
Lewis Williams 6-3 Chris Quantock
Jason Heaver 6-1 Adam Mould

Last Four
Alan Soutar 6-4 Eddie Lovely
Jason Heaver 6-5 Lewis Williams

Jason Heaver 6-4 Alan Soutar