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Cameron Menzies out to go on a roll after Day One flush out at Qualifying School

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European Qualifying School 2021: Day Three Draw and Live Scores

Van Barneveld seals Stage Two spot at European Qualifying School

Jamie Shaw in Q School 09 Feb 2021
Dutch legend Van Barneveld goes through (Photo by PDC)

Raymond van Barneveld assured himself of a place in the final phase of Qualifying School on Tuesday, while a host of other in-form stars also progressed.

Austria’s Michael Rasztovits denied Van Barneveld an automatic place in Final Stage with a 6-4 win over the five-time World Champion in their Last Eight clash in Niedernhausen.

The former Challenge Tour event winner also defeated Sebastian Steyer, Chris Landman and Steven Noster on the day as he booked his passage to the Final Stage.

Van Barneveld, though, has picked up five points across the first two days in Stage 1A to ensure that he will progress to Final Stage from the final Order of Merit – should he not gain automatic qualification on Wednesday.

Barney notably registered his second ton-plus average of the week (101.2) in defeating Jeffrey van Egdom in the Last 16, having earlier landed a 170 checkout in a 6-3 win over German ace Nico Kurz.

Russia’s Boris Koltsov continued his bid to win a Tour Card for the first time by defeating Ricardo Pietreczko 6-3 in their decider.

Germany’s Lukas Wenig, a two-time European Tour qualifier in the past two years, averaged over 97 in both of his final two games – against Wesley Plaisier and Eimardo Van Engelen – as he progressed.

Dutchman Davy Proosten enjoyed five strong victories as he secured a place in Final Stage at the expense of Michael Unterbuchner, Mario Vandenbogaerde, Mindaugas Barauskas, Moreno Blom and Franz Roetzsch.

Alongside Van Barneveld, German prospect Kurz and Dutch teenager Blom join Germany’s Pietreczko and Belgium’s Geert De Vos in being assured of spots in Final Stage through the Order of Merit.

Ian Mackenzie, a Scottish-born bricklayer who is competing in UK Qualifying School for the first time, defeated Brett Claydon 6-2 to secure his automatic qualification to the final stage.

The 51-year-old also defeated Fallon Sherrock as well as Cameron Hodgson, Scott Hope and Carl Beattie on a memorable day.

Scotland’s Jason Hogg stepped up his bid to win back a PDC Tour Card with a 6-3 win over Josh McCarthy in their Last Eight tie, having also defeated former UK Open finalist Wes Newton on the day.

Welshman Mike Warburton saw off Sam Cankett 6-1 to secure his automatic spot in Final Stage, while Huddersfield’s Sam Booth defeated former World Youth Champion Arron Monk 6-5 as he qualified automatically.

Monk was joined by former Challenge Tour event winner Claydon, former Development Tour ace McCarthy and Wales’ Cankett in the Last Eight in Milton Keynes as they all picked up valuable ranking points in the battle for spots in Final Stage.

McCarthy’s eight points assure him of progression to Final Stage, while Monk and Claydon are joined by Kevin Thomas, David Wawrzewski and John Brown on six points from two days.

History-maker Sherrock, former Players Championship Finals winner Kevin Painter, former UK Open finalist Wes Newton and 2008 Grand Slam semi-finalist Kevin McDine are in provisional qualifying places going into Wednesday’s Day Three.

Wednesday will see Stage 1A conclude, with a further four automatic qualifiers at each venue to be joined by players from the respective Orders of Merit in securing places in Final Stage, which will be held from February 14-17.


European Qualifying School 2021 Results

Last 32
Wesley Plaisier 6-0 Daniel Meyer
Lukas Wenig 6-5 Geert De Vos
Jeroen Mioch 6-5 Sven Hilling
Eimardo Van Engelen 6-2 Cedric Waegemans
Marko Puls 6-4 Sebastian Pohl
Franz Roetzsch 6-5 Kai Gotthardt
Davy Proosten 6-3 Mindaugas Barauskas
Moreno Blom 6-3 El Abbas El Amri
Boris Koltsov 6-3 Sven Fiedler
Stefan Taferner 6-2 Marco Obst
Patrick van den Boogaard 6-4 Jens Ziegler
Ricardo Pietreczko 6-0 Toon Greebe
Michael Rasztovits 6-4 Chris Landman
Steven Noster 6-5 Roland Hol
Raymond van Barneveld 6-3 Nico Kurz
Jeffrey Van Egdom 6-5 Patrik Kovacs

Last 16
Lukas Wenig 6-3 Wesley Plaisier
Eimardo Van Engelen 6-5 Jeroen Mioch
Franz Roetzsch 6-3 Marko Puls
Davy Proosten 6-4 Moreno Blom
Boris Koltsov 6-2 Stefan Taferner
Ricardo Pietreczko 6-1 Patrick van den Boogaard
Michael Rasztovits 6-5 Steven Noster
Raymond van Barneveld 6-2 Jeffrey Van Egdom

Last Eight
Lukas Wenig 6-1 Eimardo Van Engelen
Davy Proosten 6-3 Franz Roetzsch
Boris Koltsov 6-3 Ricardo Pietreczko
Michael Rasztovits 6-4 Raymond van Barneveld

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UK Qualifying School 2021 Results

Last 32
Sam Booth 6-3 Kevin Painter
John Brown 6-3 Scott Williams
Kevin Thomas 6-2 Paul Mitchell
Jaikob Selby-Rivas 4-6 Arron Monk
Ian Mackenzie 6-2 Fallon Sherrock
Carl Beattie 6-1 Nick Jennings
Stephen Gallimore 1-6 Brett Claydon
Wayne Warren 4-6 Christopher Bent
Mike Warburton 6-1 Jack Vincent
Cameron Menzies 4-6 David Wawrzewski
Matt Jackson 2-6 Peter Hudson
Sam Cankett 6-2 Steve Earley
David Ladley 5-6 Jason Hogg
Adam Shanks 6-5 Jim McEwan
Shaun McDonald 1-6 Shane McGuirk
Josh McCarthy 6-3 Charlie Symons

Last 16
Sam Booth 6-3 John Brown
Kevin Thomas 5-6 Arron Monk
Ian Mackenzie 6-1 Carl Beattie
Brett Claydon 6-3 Christopher Bent
Mike Warburton 6-4 David Wawrzewski
Peter Hudson 5-6 Sam Cankett
Jason Hogg 6-4 Adam Shanks
Shane McGuirk 3-6 Josh McCarthy

Last Eight
Sam Booth 6-5 Arron Monk
Ian Mackenzie 6-2 Brett Claydon
Mike Warburton 6-1 Sam Cankett
Jason Hogg 6-3 Josh McCarthy

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