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European Qualifying School 2021: Day Two Draw and Live Scores

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Cameron Menzies out to go on a roll after Day One flush out at Qualifying School

UK Qualifying School 2021: Day Two Draw and Live Scores

Jamie Shaw in Q School 09 Feb 2021
Former world finalist Kevin Painter (Photo by PDC Europe)

The 2021 UK Qualifying School continues in Milton Keynes on Tuesday, and you can follow the draw and latest results here.

In a change for 2021, the players who lost their Tour Card at the end of last season will be exempt to the Final Stage of Qualifying School, alongside players who finished in the top 16 of the 2020 Challenge Tour and Development Tour Orders of Merit.

A three-day Stage One of Qualifying School will be limited to sufficient players to produce a full round of a maximum of 128 players per venue.

The First Stage will be split across two blocks of three days, with Stage 1A being held from February 8-10 and Stage 1B from February 11-13.

The Final Stage will then take place from February 14-17 – where 128 players will battle it out for the 29 available Tour Cards.

The last four players from each of the three days in Stage One will advance to the Final Stage, with ranking points given to other players based on the number of match wins from the first full round onwards.

That will form an Order of Merit from which further players will move into the Final Stage.

Notable Stage 1a entrants to UK PDC Qualifying School include 2020 BDO World Champion Wayne Warren, former world finalist Kevin Painter and history-maker Fallon Sherrock.

Darting stalwarts including Darryl Fitton, Wes Newton, Deta Hedman and Dean Winstanley are also in action.

Play gets underway from 12pm GMT, with all matches to be contested over the best of 11 legs.


UK Qualifying School Stage 1A – Day Two Draw

Last 256
Darryl Fitton 6-0 Luke Hardy
Jake Carter 6-3 Gareth Starling
John Brown 6-1 Mark Robinson
Shaun Moughtin 6-1 Josie Paterson
Paul Mitchell 6-3 Fred Box
Jaikob Selby-Rivas 6-0 Liam Fowkes
Graham Usher 6-2 Joey Palfreyman
Fallon Sherrock 6-1 Rhys Hayden
Scott Hope 6-1 Lloyd Wintle
Ryan Hogarth 6-5 James Richardson
Lorraine Winstanley 6-1 Ben Songhurst
Mark Lawrence 6-5 Jordan Crabtree
Sam Ward 6-3 Mark Yelding
Wayne Warren 6-0 Jimmy Chojnowski
Kelvin Hart 6-5 Barry Davies
Patrick Aldoescu 6-4 Danny Haygreen
Cameron Menzies 6-1 Ben Dulley
Matthew Shadwick 6-0 Tommy McKay
Jack Main 6-2 Steven Riches
David Edwards 6-3 Jason Gallagher
Kevin McDine 6-2 Daniel Anstiss
Kenneth Matthews 6-4 Brian Woods
Matt Crowley 6-5 Richard Smith
Wes Newton 6-5 Joe Singleton
Jack Hegarty 6-1 Chris Campbell
Jim McEwan 6-4 John Imrie
Jack Neary 6-5 Sam Hewson
John Bowles 6-4 Mick Todd
Niall Culleton 6-5 Nathan Girvan
Rikki Oversby 6-1 Robert Turner

Last 128
Aaron Turner 6-5 John Power
Sam Booth 6-1 Coni Singh Nagi
Kevin Painter 6-0 David Calvert
Dan Read 1-6 Darryl Fitton
Curtis Turner 1-6 Scott Williams
Gordon Mathers 6-1 Jake Carter
Francis Carragher 6-5 Steven Kirkham
Dave Prins 4-6 John Brown
Tony Thom 0-6 Kevin Thomas
Amit Gilitwala 6-3 Shaun Moughtin
Wayne Wall 1-6 Tony Newell
Wayne Glover 5-6 Paul Mitchell
Ross MacDougall 5-6 David Airey
Jamie Venning 1-6 Jaikob Selby-Rivas
Kai Haddock 4-6 Simon Sparrow
Arron Monk 6-3 Graham Usher
Connor Scutt 4-6 Roger Crook
Daniel Day 4-6 Fallon Sherrock
Ian Mackenzie 6-0 Cameron Hodgson
Craig Anderson 2-6 Scott Hope
Mike Norton 3-6 Carl Beattie
Jason Marriott 6-1 Ryan Hogarth
Jamie Barrowman 6-3 Nathan Boon
Nick Jennings 6-4 Lorraine Winstanley
Stephen Gallimore 6-2 Stuart White
Danny Moore 1-6 Mark Lawrence
Jamie Durrant 6-3 Corrine Hammond
Brett Claydon 6-1 Sam Ward
Adam Smith-Neale 6-3 Paul Berriman
Kurt Morgan 1-6 Wayne Warren
Christopher Bent 6-4 James Woodhouse
Dave Bayton 6-4 Kelvin Hart
Martin Pratt 5-6 John Scott
Nicholas Bell 3-6 Mike Warburton
Simon McKenner  3-6 Jack Vincent
Jason Heaver 6-4 Patrick Aldoescu
Steve Hine 2-6 Scott Marsh
Ashley Holgate 3-6 Cameron Menzies
David Wawrzewski 6-4  Haupai Puha
Wayne Morgan 4-6 Matthew Shadwick
Ricky Clarke 0-6 Matt Jackson
Ben Hazel 1-6 Jack Main
Martin Green 2-6 Neil MacDougall
Peter Hudson w/o David Edwards
Hamond Kumar 1-6 Sam Cankett
Christopher Dominey 3-6 Kevin McDine
Alex Ball 3-6 Steve Earley
Lee Budgen 4-6 Kenneth Matthews
Craig Searle 5-6 Andrew Broll
David Ladley 6-0 Matt Crowley
Jason Hogg 6-0 Ben Oldroyd
James Bailey 5-6 Wes Newton
Adam Shanks 6-2 Deta Hedman
Andrew Quinn 6-4 Jack Hegarty
Philip Borthwick 5-6 Liam Meek
Joe Main 0-6 Jim McEwan
Shaun McDonald 6-4 Chris Quantock
Ben Quenby 3-6 Jack Neary
Shane McGuirk 6-1 Matt Padgett
Micheal Fearon 1-6 John Bowles
Josh McCarthy 6-2 Harry Williams
Robert Yelding 0-6 Niall Culleton
Craig Rust 3-6 Charlie Symons
Dean Winstanley 4-6 Rikki Oversby

Last 64
Sam Booth 6-3 Aaron Turner
Kevin Painter 6-3 Darryl Fitton
Scott Williams 6-5 Gordon Mathers
John Brown 6-0 Francis Carragher
Kevin Thomas 6-4 Amit Gilitwala
Paul Mitchell 6-5 Tony Newell
Jaikob Selby-Rivas 6-4 David Airey
Arron Monk 6-2 Simon Sparrow
Fallon Sherrock 6-0 Roger Crook
Ian Mackenzie 6-4 Scott Hope
Carl Beattie 6-1 Jason Marriott
Nick Jennings 6-4 Jamie Barrowman
Stephen Gallimore 6-3 Mark Lawrence
Brett Claydon 6-1 Jamie Durrant
Wayne Warren 6-4 Adam Smith-Neale
Christopher Bent 6-4 Dave Bayton
Mike Warburton 6-4 John Scott
Jack Vincent 6-3 Jason Heaver
Cameron Menzies 6-4 Scott Marsh
David Wawrzewski 6-1 Matthew Shadwick
Matt Jackson 6-2 Jack Main
Peter Hudson 6-2 Neil MacDougall
Sam Cankett 6-4 Kevin McDine
Steve Earley 6-1 Kenneth Matthews
David Ladley 6-2 Andrew Broll
Jason Hogg 6-3 Wes Newton
Adam Shanks  6-4 Andrew Quinn
Liam Meek 4-6 Jim McEwan
Shaun McDonald 6-3 Jack Neary
Shane McGuirk 6-1 John Bowles
Josh McCarthy 6-1 Niall Culleton
Charlie Symons 6-5 Rikki Oversby

Last 32
Sam Booth 6-3 Kevin Painter
John Brown 6-3 Scott Williams
Kevin Thomas 6-2 Paul Mitchell
Jaikob Selby-Rivas 4-6 Arron Monk
Ian Mackenzie 6-2 Fallon Sherrock
Carl Beattie 6-1 Nick Jennings
Stephen Gallimore 1-6 Brett Claydon
Wayne Warren 4-6 Christopher Bent
Mike Warburton 6-1 Jack Vincent
Cameron Menzies 4-6 David Wawrzewski
Matt Jackson 2-6 Peter Hudson
Sam Cankett 6-2 Steve Earley
David Ladley 5-6 Jason Hogg
Adam Shanks 6-5 Jim McEwan
Shaun McDonald 1-6 Shane McGuirk
Josh McCarthy 6-3 Charlie Symons

Last 16
Sam Booth 6-3 John Brown
Kevin Thomas 5-6 Arron Monk
Ian Mackenzie 6-1 Carl Beattie
Brett Claydon 6-3 Christopher Bent
Mike Warburton 6-4 David Wawrzewski
Peter Hudson 5-6 Sam Cankett
Jason Hogg 6-4 Adam Shanks
Shane McGuirk 3-6 Josh McCarthy

Last Eight
Sam Booth 6-5 Arron Monk
Ian Mackenzie 6-2 Brett Claydon
Mike Warburton 6-1 Sam Cankett
Jason Hogg 6-3 Josh McCarthy