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PDC Women’s Series 2021 Events 7-9 | Draw and Live Scores

PDC Women’s Series 2021 Events 10-12 | Draw and Live Scores

Jamie Shaw in PDC Women's Series 24 Oct 2021
Two-time Women’s World Champion Mikuru Suzuki (Photo by Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

The final trio of 2021 PDC Women’s Series events take place in Barnsley on Sunday, and you can follow the latest results and fixtures here.

Part two of this year’s PDC Women’s Series features six events held across two days at the Barnsley Metrodome from October 23-24.

Each event carries a £5,000 prize fund, with the top two players from the final PDC Women’s Series Order of Merit qualifying for the 2021/22 World Darts Championship.

In addition, the leading player from the Order of Merit from across the weekend will qualify to compete in next month’s Grand Slam of Darts.

Nordic Masters finalist Fallon Sherrock is among the notable entries, alongside two-time Women’s World Champion Mikuru Suzuki and PDC Tour Card holder Lisa Ashton.

Ten-time Women’s World Champion Trina Gulliver MBE, three-time champion Anastasia Dobromyslova, Lorraine Winstanley and Deta Hedman – who qualified for Alexandra Palace last year – also feature.


PDC Women’s Series 2021 – Event Ten Results

Sunday October 24

Last 64
Lisa Ashton 4-0 Donna-Maria Rainsley
Katie Sheldon 4-1 Margaret Sutton
Laura Turner 4-0 Tara Deamer
Michelle Andrews 4-2 Julia Heimensen
Claire Stamper 4-2 Louise Pearson
Fallon Sherrock 4-3 Mikuru Suzuki
Tracy North 4-2 Rebecca Edwards
Roz Bulmer 4-2 Sandra Page
Yukie Sakaguchi 4-2 Joanne Deamer
Samantha Lewis 4-2 Sarah Milkowski
Josie Paterson 4-1 Tammy MacKenzie
Natalie Evans 4-0 Lisa Dunford
Rhian O’Sullivan 4-0 Debra Watling
Denise Cassidy 4-0 Leanne Palmer
Tracey Davies 4-0 Jan Robbins
Corrine Hammond 4-0 Courtney Hine
Jane Biggs 4-2 Jackie Wilkinson
Tina Neylon 4-0 Carla Boyes
Chris Savvery 4-2 Sharon Godbeer
Christine Readhead 4-0 Jo Moore
Holly Meadwell 4-1 Shelly Price
Anastasia Dobromyslova 4-1 Marlene Badger
Donna Gleed 4-0 Mem Martin
Lorraine Winstanley 4-3 Deta Hedman
Rachel Brooks 4-2 Kerry O’Connor
Laura Patton 4-2 Trish Kidd

Last 32
Lisa Ashton 4-2 Joanne Locke
Laura Turner 4-1 Katie Sheldon
Robyn Byrne 4-3 Michelle Andrews
Fallon Sherrock 4-1 Claire Stamper
Tracy North 4-0 Vikki Jolley
Roz Bulmer 4-2 Yukie Sakaguchi
Samantha Lewis 4-3 Josie Paterson
Rhian O’Sullivan 4-1 Natalie Evans
Denise Cassidy 4-1 Caroline Breen
Corrine Hammond 4-1 Tracey Davies
Trina Gulliver 4-0 Jane Biggs
Chris Savvery 4-0 Tina Neylon
Christine Readhead 4-3 Jo Dean
Anastasia Dobromyslova 4-0 Holly Meadwell
Lorraine Winstanley 4-0 Donna Gleed
Rachel Brooks 4-1 Laura Patton

Last 16
Lisa Ashton 4-2 Laura Turner
Fallon Sherrock 4-1 Robyn Byrne
Tracy North 4-1 Roz Bulmer
Rhian O’Sullivan 4-0 Samantha Lewis
Corrine Hammond 4-3 Denise Cassidy
Trina Gulliver 4-1 Chris Savvery
Anastasia Dobromyslova 4-2 Christine Readhead
Rachel Brooks 4-0 Lorraine Winstanley

Lisa Ashton 4-3 Fallon Sherrock
Rhian O’Sullivan 4-3 Tracy North
Trina Gulliver 4-3 Corrine Hammond
Anastasia Dobromyslova 4-1 Rachel Brooks

Lisa Ashton 5-2 Rhian O’Sullivan
Anastasia Dobromyslova 5-4 Trina Gulliver

Lisa Ashton 5-0 Anastasia Dobromyslova

PDC Women’s Series 2021 – Event 11 Results

Last 64
Robyn Byrne 4-0 Shelly Price
Corrine Hammond 4-2 Tracy North
Trina Gulliver 4-2 Tracey Davies
Sandra Page 4-3 Trish Kidd
Chris Savvery 4-1 Holly Meadwell
Carla Boyes 4-0 Debra Watling
Joanne Deamer 4-0 Josie Paterson
Natalie Evans 4-1 Louise Pearson
Laura Patton 4-1 Michelle Binns
Laura Turner 4-0 Sarah Milkowski
Lisa Ashton 4-1 Rebecca Edwards
Caroline Breen 4-0 Jane Biggs
Jo Dean 4-3 Jackie Wilkinson
Denise Cassidy 4-2 Yukie Sakaguchi
Michelle Andrews 4-3 Claire Stamper
Fallon Sherrock 4-0 Courtney Hine
Katie Sheldon 4-0 Sharon Godbeer
Christine Readhead 4-3 Marlene Badger
Joanne Locke 4-3 Tina Neylon
Lorraine Winstanley 4-0 Louise Stockings
Tara Deamer 4-1 Mem Martin
Rachel Brooks 4-0 Vikki Jolley
Leanne Palmer 4-2 Lisa Dunford
Rhian O’Sullivan 4-0 Jan Robbins
Donna Gleed 4-2 Tammy MacKenzie
Margaret Sutton 4-3 Mikuru Suzuki
Anastasia Dobromyslova 4-0 Kerry O’Connor
Donna-Maria Rainsley 4-0 Julia Heimensen

Last 32
Robyn Byrne 4-1 Samantha Lewis
Trina Gulliver 4-2 Corrine Hammond
Chris Savvery 4-1 Sandra Page
Joanne Deamer 4-3 Carla Boyes
Deta Hedman 4-2 Natalie Evans
Laura Turner 4-1 Laura Patton
Lisa Ashton 4-0 Caroline Breen
Denise Cassidy 4-0 Jo Dean
Michelle Andrews 4-2 Jo Moore
Fallon Sherrock 4-1 Katie Sheldon
Joanne Locke 4-1 Christine Readhead
Lorraine Winstanley 4-0 Tara Deamer
Rachel Brooks 4-2 Roz Bulmer
Rhian O’Sullivan 4-0 Leanne Palmer
Margaret Sutton 4-2 Donna Gleed
Anastasia Dobromyslova 4-1 Donna-Maria Rainsley

Last 16
Trina Gulliver 4-3 Robyn Byrne
Chris Savvery 4-0 Joanne Deamer
Deta Hedman 4-3 Laura Turner
Lisa Ashton 4-0 Denise Cassidy
Fallon Sherrock 4-0 Michelle Andrews
Lorraine Winstanley 4-1 Joanne Locke
Rachel Brooks 4-2 Rhian O’Sullivan
Anastasia Dobromyslova 4-2 Margaret Sutton

Trina Gulliver 4-1 Chris Savvery
Deta Hedman 4-2 Lisa Ashton
Fallon Sherrock 4-1 Lorraine Winstanley
Rachel Brooks 4-2 Anastasia Dobromyslova

Deta Hedman 5-4 Trina Gulliver
Fallon Sherrock 5-0 Rachel Brooks

Fallon Sherrock 5-1 Deta Hedman

PDC Women’s Series 2021 – Event 12 Results

Last 64
Corrine Hammond 4-0 Christine Readhead
Kerry O’Connor 4-2 Sarah Milkowski
Roz Bulmer 4-2 Claire Stamper
Robyn Byrne 4-2 Joanne Deamer
Tina Neylon 4-0 Jan Robbins
Samantha Lewis 4-1 Lisa Dunford
Jo Dean (BYE) v Shelly Price
Margaret Sutton 4-1 Rebecca Edwards
Marlene Badger 4-0 Mem Martin
Laura Turner 4-1 Debra Watling
Katie Sheldon 4-0 Courtney Hine
Lisa Ashton 4-0 Anastasia Dobromyslova
Caroline Breen 4-1 Trish Kidd
Lorraine Winstanley 4-2 Donna Gleed
Rachel Brooks 4-3 Trina Gulliver
Louise Pearson 4-1 Julia Heimensen
Tracey Davies 4-0 Louise Stockings
Denise Cassidy 4-2 Chris Savvery
Donna-Maria Rainsley 4-0 Natalie Evans
Deta Hedman 4-0 Tammy MacKenzie
Laura Patton 4-0 Jo Moore
Jackie Wilkinson 4-0 Holly Meadwell
Mikuru Suzuki 4-1 Jane Biggs
Rhian O’Sullivan (BYE) v Fallon Sherrock
Tracy North 4-0 Michelle Binns
Joanne Locke 4-0 Michelle Andrews
Yukie Sakaguchi 4-0 Sharon Godbeer

Last 32
Corrine Hammond 4-0 Vikki Jolley
Roz Bulmer 4-3 Kerry O’Connor
Robyn Byrne 4-0 Leanne Palmer
Tina Neylon 4-1 Samantha Lewis
Tara Deamer 4-2 Jo Dean
Margaret Sutton 4-3 Marlene Badger
Laura Turner 4-2 Katie Sheldon
Lisa Ashton 4-0 Caroline Breen
Lorraine Winstanley 4-1 Sandra Page
Rachel Brooks 4-3 Louise Pearson
Denise Cassidy 4-0 Tracey Davies
Deta Hedman 4-3 Donna-Maria Rainsley
Laura Patton 4-1 Carla Boyes
Mikuru Suzuki 4-0 Jackie Wilkinson
Rhian O’Sullivan 4-3 Tracy North
Joanne Locke 4-2 Yukie Sakaguchi

Last 16
Corrine Hammond 4-1 Roz Bulmer
Robyn Byrne 4-0 Tina Neylon
Margaret Sutton 4-3 Tara Deamer
Lisa Ashton 4-1 Laura Turner
Lorraine Winstanley 4-1 Rachel Brooks
Denise Cassidy 4-2 Deta Hedman
Mikuru Suzuki 4-0 Laura Patton
Joanne Locke 4-1 Rhian O’Sullivan

Corrine Hammond 4-0 Robyn Byrne
Lisa Ashton 4-0 Margaret Sutton
Lorraine Winstanley 4-1 Denise Cassidy
Mikuru Suzuki 4-0 Joanne Locke

Lisa Ashton 5-3 Corrine Hammond
Mikuru Suzuki 5-0 Lorraine Winstanley

Mikuru Suzuki 5-3 Lisa Ashton

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