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Aspinall claims inaugural PDC Home Tour title

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PDC Home Tour II Draw, Live Scores and Schedule of Play

PDC Home Tour to return for second staging

Jamie Shaw in PDC Home Tour 28 Aug 2020
The PDC Home Tour returns

The PDC Home Tour is set to return for its second staging between August and October.

The initial PDC Home Tour saw 101 PDC Tour Card Holders compete from their homes via a webcam setup, as Nathan Aspinall emerged as the champion.

The PDC Home Tour II will be an opportunity for lower-ranked PDC Tour Card Holders to compete, with ten seven-player groups initially competing from August 31 to September 28.

The top three players in each group, along with the five best fourth-placed players, will qualify for the 35-player second phase, from which the top four in each group and the best fifth-placed player progress.

The third phase will see three groups compete from October 12-14, before the top two from each and the best third-placed player move into the Championship Group on Thursday October 15.

Group One will feature 2018 UK Open semi-finalist David Pallett, former Players Championship winner Joe Murnan and 2007 World Grand Prix quarter-finalist Adrian Gray.

Emerging Dutch star Geert Nentjes, Belgian ace Mike De Decker, Andy Boulton and Conan Whitehead complete the seven players to take part in the opening group.

Group Two includes former World Championship semi-finalist Jamie Lewis and 2006 UK Open finalist Barrie Bates, four-time ranking event winner Alan Tabern, Matthew Edgar, Gary Blades, Adam Hunt and Carl Wilkinson.

The PDC Home Tour II will be streamed exclusively live online, with the action commencing from 9.30am BST each day.

All matches will be contested over the best of nine legs, with details of further competing players and fixtures to be confirmed in due course.


PDC Home Tour II Schedule

Monday August 31 – Phase One, Group One
Tuesday September 1 – Phase One, Group Two
Wednesday September 2 – Phase One, Group Three
Monday September 7 – Phase One, Group Four
Tuesday September 8 – Phase One, Group Five
Wednesday September 9 – Phase One, Group Six
Monday September 21 – Phase One, Group Seven
Tuesday September 22 – Phase One, Group Eight
Wednesday September 23 – Phase One, Group Nine
Monday September 28 – Phase One, Group Ten
Tuesday September 29 – Phase Two, Group One
Wednesday September 30 – Phase Two, Group Two
Monday October 5 – Phase Two, Group Three
Tuesday October 6 – Phase Two, Group Four
Wednesday October 7 – Phase Two, Group Five
Monday October 12 – Phase Three, Group One
Tuesday October 13 – Phase Three, Group Two
Wednesday October 14 – Phase Three, Group Three
Thursday October 15 – Championship Group

PDC Home Tour II Competing Players

Phase One – Group One

Andy Boulton
Mike De Decker
Adrian Gray
Joe Murnan
Geert Nentjes
David Pallett
Conan Whitehead

Phase One – Group Two

Barrie Bates
Gary Blades
Matthew Edgar
Adam Hunt
Jamie Lewis
Alan Tabern
Carl Wilkinson

PDC Home Tour II – Phase One, Group One Fixtures

Mike De Decker v Geert Nentjes
Conan Whitehead v Joe Murnan
Adrian Gray v Andy Boulton
David Pallett v Mike De Decker
Geert Nentjes v Adrian Gray
Andy Boulton v Conan Whitehead
Joe Murnan v David Pallett
Adrian Gray v Mike De Decker
Conan Whitehead v Geert Nentjes
Joe Murnan v Andy Boulton
David Pallett v Adrian Gray
Mike De Decker v Conan Whitehead
Geert Nentjes v Joe Murnan
Andy Boulton v David Pallett
Conan Whitehead v Adrian Gray
Joe Murnan v Mike De Decker
Andy Boulton v Geert Nentjes
David Pallett v Conan Whitehead
Adrian Gray v Joe Murnan
Mike De Decker v Andy Boulton
Geert Nentjes v David Pallett