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Des Jacklin admits BDO’s Grand Slam of Darts picks “Would have been different”

Jamie Shaw in BDO Darts News 02 Dec 2019
Jacklin first became BDO Chairman in 2018 (credit: British Darts Organisation)
BDO Chairman Des Jacklin has revealed the BDO’s contingent of players in the upcoming Grand Slam of Darts “would have been different” had he had full control over the selections.
The eight BDO representatives for the elite cross-code major were announced earlier this month, with four players set to make their debut at the Aldersley Leisure Village from November 9-17.
The selections came after a meeting between Jacklin and representatives from the PDC, in which the PDC had the final decision over who would compete in their ranked tournament.
Despite now being a PDC Tour Card holder, Glen Durrant will represent the BDO as their reigning World Champion, alongside reigning Ladies World Champion Mikuru Suzuki.
The top-ranked male and female players in the BDO system – Wesley Harms and Lisa Ashton, will also be feature, alongside World Trophy winner Jim Williams.
Meanwhile, Dutchman Richard Veenstra, England’s Dave Parletti and Welshman Wayne Warren will all make their debuts in the £550,000 tournament.
However, in an interview with The Weekly Dartscast during last weekend’s World Masters, Jacklin admitted the picks would have been different if the decision was solely his.
“I’m not going to go too much into this,” said Jacklin.
“The fact of the matter is, had the BDO’s picks had been the BDO’s picks, the eight names that are in the Grand Slam event would have been different to the names that are in the Grand Slam event now.
“That’s all I’m prepared to say, end of.”
Jacklin also addressed rumours that he is set to resign following January’s BDO World Championship after taking up the role in August 2018.
Speculation mounted following last week’s World Masters qualifiers, during which Jacklin is said to have revealed his intention to step down at the end of the season.
He added: “Everybody has a bad day, don’t they?
“Sometimes I’ve had enough of the job, sometimes I want more of it.
“I rarely use social media anymore, I have done in the past, but I rarely use it because it’s just not used in the right way.
“To read things that are completely untrue and some things that are based on a bit of truth, for instance the youth not having a prize fund.
“It was passed at the AGM that the youth were going to have a prize fund because we’re charging the youth now.
“So why, after I’ve told everybody, that yes there’s going to be a prize fund, was there this rumour mill that there isn’t going to be a prize fund?
“Then there’s a GoFundMe page for an event that’s already got a prize fund, I don’t understand it and I don’t know where these stories come from and they just get me down a little bit.
“I’m doing a minimum of 70 hours a week, I’m doing so many people’s jobs, I’m constantly asked, constantly emailed, telephoned “What’s this? What’s that?” – I am the chairman of the organisation, I don’t have all the answers within a split second.
“But what I do do, is tell people what’s going to happen and then hopefully come through with everything.
“I don’t think I’ve failed on anything so far. Nothing as yet that I’ve promised have I failed on, but it looks like I still have to prove myself even more.
“Providing the players are happy with the way things are going and providing the fans get to see our events on the TV, which hopefully we’re going to have four events on TV in the coming year, providing this all happens, I don’t see what the problem is.”
On a problematic day of qualifiers for the men’s World Masters, a picture also circulated on social media appearing to show a contract that had been drawn up forbidding players to compete in December’s PDC World Championship should they qualify for either the World Masters or BDO World Championship.
Failure to comply would have made them ‘ineligible to receive prize money from the World Masters’ and could have resulted in court action.
The contract apparently applied to two players – America’s Danny Baggish and Slovenia’s Benjamin Pratnemer – who both entered the World Masters qualifiers having qualified for the PDC World Championship.
Jacklin explained: “They presumed that they could play in this event and the story behind that is their managers contacted me three or four weeks ago, I explained that yes they were legally allowed to play in our event but we would not be allowing anybody that played in our event, that had they won, they would have no intentions of taking that spot and playing in our World Championship, especially in the new venue – The O2.
“So in order for that to happen, and in order for them to play in our event, I insisted that they signed a contract that gave up the other entry into the other event.
“I don’t think there was anything wrong with that, I think it was the right thing to do.
“What I didn’t want to end up with was, somebody who wins the World Masters and then does not take that position and play at The O2.”