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Waites believes “90 per cent” of BDO players will attempt Qualifying School

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Wes Newton completes 2019 BDO World Championship line-up

Scott Mitchell welcomes BDO rule changes

Jamie Shaw in BDO Darts News 03 Sep 2018
Mitchell hopes the BDO are moving in the right direction (credit:Lawrence Lustig/PDC)
Former Lakeside World Champion Scott Mitchell is hopeful the BDO are moving in the right direction but has refused to rule out heading to PDC Qualifying School in January.
A radical move from the BDO board, led by newly-elected Chairman Derek Jacklin, recently saw them pass a resolution to remove historic restrictions placed on PDC players.
From October 1, current PDC Tour Card holders are permitted to enter BDO qualifying events and BDO ladies players have been given the green light to enter the qualifiers for the PDC World Championship.
BDO players will also no longer face any penalties relating to entry to the PDC Qualifying School – in which an open field competes for coveted PDC Tour Cards.
Mitchell, who triumphed at Lakeside in 2015, has praised the BDO board for taking immediate action but admits it is too early to tell what long-term impact it will have.
“It’s an interesting announcement,” Mitchell told Live Darts.
“I think it’s an announcement that’s moving things forward and trying to make sure that there are no limitations from our side.
“We have a new board, they’ve only been in three and a half weeks and it’s made a bit of a stir.
“Maybe it’s heading the right way already?
“I think it’s too early to tell the way the reshuffle has gone but the early signs are that maybe we’re heading in a direction that we all want to be going in.
“I don’t think the old BDO board were particularly bad, it’s just they couldn’t get going what they wanted to get going.
“Sometimes you need fresh faces and fresh ideas and I think only time will tell.”
Another former BDO World Champion – Scott Waites – believes 90 per cent of the BDO’s top bracket will now try their hand at Q School, and Mitchell suggests he may be open to the possibility.
He added: “I’m not 100 per cent sure that’s been confirmed and until it is I can’t really comment on that.
“But the carrot is always dangled and if the boundaries are open then you’d be foolish not to try.”
Mitchell, 48, is currently ranked number four in the BDO system, meaning his is provisionally among the field for November’s Grand Slam of Darts.
The Bournemouth ace has appeared in three previous Grand Slams and is hopeful of a return to the cross-code tournament – which will be held at the Aldersley Leisure Village in Wolverhampton for the first time.
“I haven’t been confirmed yet so I don’t really know but I’m in the right place at the moment,” he added.
“We’ve got a couple of tournaments left but fingers crossed – it’s always lovely to come to the Grand Slam, it’s a really massive event for us.
“The fans love the fact that we get over there and have a go against some of the household names you see every week.
“We enjoy it, we love a challenge and it’s something we strive to qualify for.”