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PDC Qualifying School 2020 Day Three: Draw, live scores and match updates from UK and European Q School

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PDC Qualifying School 2020 Day Four: Draw, live scores and match updates from UK and European Q School

Smith, Sedlacek and Beeney clinch PDC Tour Cards on Day Three at Qualifying School

Jamie Shaw in Q School 18 Jan 2020
Canadian ace Smith returns to the PDC circuit after a seven-year absence (Photo by Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

Jeff Smith, Karel Sedlacek and Aaron Beeney secured Tour Cards on Day Three of 2020 PDC Qualifying School on Saturday.

Canada’s Smith will return to the PDC ProTour for the first time since 2013 after landing a 110 checkout in the deciding leg of his 5-4 win over Seigo Asada in their Tour Card play-off in Wigan.

Former BDO Championship runner-up Smith began the day with a 5-0 whitewash of Alan Norris before averaging 103.6 in his penultimate victory over William Borland.

Smith will now join his Canadian compatriot Dawson Murschell on the circuit next season and admitted: “It’s so nice to be back finally, it’s life-changing.

“It’s not the first time I’ve won a Card but this time I intend to use my Card better than I did last time.

“I suffered a blitzing from Damon Heta yesterday which set me back a bit, but that pushed me on to come back stronger today knowing I had to get points on the board.

“The possibilities are endless now, I can’t wait to get back over and play, I’m excited to show what I can do.”

Smith was joined by surprise package Beeney in the winners’ enclosure in Wigan, as the London-based player won his Tour Card for the first time.

Beeney, a 36-year-old prison officer who won just £150 in prize money on the 2019 PDC Challenge Tour, edged out 19-year-old Jarred Cole 5-4 in their Tour Card decider to book his place on the ProTour.

“I’ve lit just competed the greatest thing that I ever expected to happen in my life,” said an emotional Beeney.

“I’ve had the worst time ever here, I was nervous on Thursday and went out in the first round in the worst game I’ve ever played.

“I played even worse on Friday and now I’ve played really well all day today.

“I have no words, I have no idea how I’ve done this at all. To hit a bullseye to earn a Tour Card is the stuff dreams are made of.

“I’m still a pub player, I’ve only played for my county three times so this is unreal.”

Meanwhile, at European Qualifying School in Hildesheim, Sedlacek made history as he became the first Czech player to win a PDC Tour Card.

Karel Sedlacek makes history at European Q School (Photo by Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

Sedlacek, who has represented his nation three times at the World Cup, claimed a 5-1 victory over Berry van Peer in the Day Three final at Halle 39.

“I am so happy, I don’t have the words to describe what this means to me,” said Sedlacek, who reached the quarter-finals of his second European Tour event last April.

“It’s a fantastic moment for me and for Czech darts.

“I said to myself ‘you are playing well and you must wait for your chance,’ and I took it.”

A further three players will secure automatic PDC Tour Cards on the final day of action on Sunday, with the last two players in the UK Qualifying School joining the European Qualifying School winner in winning a place on the PDC circuit.

The top 12 players on the UK Qualifying School Order of Merit and the top seven players on the European Qualifying School Order of Merit at the end of play will win Tour Cards.



UK Qualifying School 2020 Day Three Results (Last 128 onwards)

Last 128
Jason Cullen 5-4 Stuart Dutton
Terry Temple 5-3 Peter Mitchell
William Borland 5-0 Derek Lumley
Darren Beveridge 5-2 Cameron Menzies
Steve Hine 5-2 Darren Armstrong
Ryan Murray 5-2 Leonard Gates
Wayne Jones 5-2 Matt Padgett
Ryan Harrington 5-0 Stephen Harradine
Luke Yates 5-2 Christopher Paul Jones
Darren Davies 5-1 Peter Hudson
Jeff Smith 5-2 Ricky King
James Hurrell 5-2 Mark Layton
Lee Evans 5-1 Steve Haggerty
Tony Clark 5-3 Stuart Davies
Darryl Pilgrim 5-2 Ian Lever
Damon Heta 5-2 Dom Taylor
A.J. Urmston-Toft 5-1 Hywel Manuel
John Bowles 5-4 Ben Cheeseman
Mark Barilli 5-2 Andrew Foster
Daniel Faulkner 5-4 Tony O’Shea
Geoffrey Murray 5-3 Gary Court
Ryan Hogarth 5-1 Josh Habgood
Craig Baxter 5-3 Kevin Dowling
Robert Modra 5-3 Kyle McKinstry
Scott Mitchell 5-1 Adam Hunt
Tony Richardson 5-4 Richard Baillie
Seigo Asada 5-1 Lewis Williams
Jamie Atkins 5-4 Kevin Garcia
Shaun Rutter 5-3 Sandy Morrison
Greg Ritchie 5-3 Nicky Denoon
Paul Nicholson 5-0 Rachel Brooks
Jonathan Wynn 5-1 Chris Craven
Alan Tabern 5-1 Brian Woods
Colin Osborne 5-2 Paul Rowley
Chris Aubrey 5-3 Rees Hall
Lewis Pride 5-2 Adam Jenkinson
Liam Meek 5-3 Prakash Jiwa
William O’Toole 5-3 Carl Hamilton
Mark Grimes 5-2 Jamie Kelling
Darryl Fitton 5-3 Brett Claydon
Kevin Thomas 5-4 Shane Byrne
Peter Jacques 5-4 Dean Forde
Christopher Bent 5-1 Jamie Caven
Frankie Ansell 5-2 Diogo Portela
Keane Barry 5-4 Darren Johnson
Jarred Cole 5-2 Terry Roach
Jim Williams 5-1 Evander Stevenson
Gary Robson 5-3 David Neads
Mark Lawrence 5-3 Robert Collins
Paul Phillips 5-2 John Costigan
Andy Hamilton 5-4 Tommy Lishman
Andy Jenkins 5-3 Jason Askew
Martin Atkins (Wigan) 5-0 Richard Langlois
Niall Culleton 5-0 Brandon Jones
Ritchie Edhouse 5-4 Wes Newton
Gary Mawson 5-2 Steven Beasley
Lee Smith 5-2 Scott Ridler
Gary Eastwood 5-2 Matthew J Smith
Kevin Lane 5-2 Patrick Quinn
David Ladley 5-2 Kieran Evans
Aaron Beeney 5-4 Scott Williams
Adam Mould 5-3 John Part
Michael Meaney 5-2 Adam Wood
Matthew Finch 5-3 Ryan Hope
Losers: 1pt

Last 64
Terry Temple 5-1 Jason Cullen
William Borland 5-3 Darren Beveridge
Ryan Murray 5-3 Steve Hine
Ryan Harrington 5-2 Wayne Jones
Darren Davies 5-3 Luke Yates
Jeff Smith 5-2 James Hurrell
Lee Evans 5-0 Tony Clark
Darryl Pilgrim 5-4 Damon Heta
John Bowles 5-4 A.J. Urmston-Toft
Mark Barilli 5-4 Daniel Faulkner
Ryan Hogarth 5-1 Geoffrey Murray
Robert Modra 5-4 Craig Baxter
Tony Richardson 5-2 Scott Mitchell
Seigo Asada 5-1 Jamie Atkins
Shaun Rutter 5-3 Greg Ritchie
Paul Nicholson 5-3 Jonathan Wynn
Colin Osborne 5-3 Alan Tabern
Lewis Pride 5-3 Chris Aubrey
Liam Meek 5-0 William O’Toole
Darryl Fitton 5-4 Mark Grimes
Kevin Thomas 5-2 Peter Jacques
Frankie Ansell 5-0 Christopher Bent
Jarred Cole 5-4 Keane Barry
Jim Williams 5-0 Gary Robson
Paul Phillips 5-3 Mark Lawrence
Andy Hamilton 5-3 Andy Jenkins
Martin Atkins (Wigan) 5-3 Niall Culleton
Gary Mawson 5-3 Ritchie Edhouse
Gary Eastwood 5-1 Lee Smith
David Ladley 5-0 Kevin Lane
Aaron Beeney 5-2 Adam Mould
Matthew Finch 5-2 Michael Meaney
Losers: 2pts

Last 32
William Borland 5-0 Terry Temple
Ryan Murray 5-4 Ryan Harrington
Jeff Smith 5-1 Darren Davies
Lee Evans 5-1 Darryl Pilgrim
John Bowles 5-3 Mark Barilli
Ryan Hogarth 5-2 Robert Modra
Seigo Asada 5-0 Tony Richardson
Paul Nicholson 5-2 Shaun Rutter
Colin Osborne 5-2 Lewis Pride
Darryl Fitton 5-1 Liam Meek
Frankie Ansell 5-2 Kevin Thomas
Jarred Cole 5-4 Jim Williams
Andy Hamilton 5-3 Paul Phillips
Martin Atkins (Wigan) 5-3 Gary Mawson
David Ladley 5-4 Gary Eastwood
Aaron Beeney 5-4 Matthew Finch
Losers: 3pts

Last 16
William Borland 5-4 Ryan Murray
Jeff Smith 5-3 Lee Evans
Ryan Hogarth 5-3 John Bowles
Seigo Asada 5-1 Paul Nicholson
Darryl Fitton 5-2 Colin Osborne
Jarred Cole 5-2 Frankie Ansell
Martin Atkins (Wigan) 5-2 Andy Hamilton
Aaron Beeney 5-3 David Ladley
Losers: 4pts

Last Eight
Jeff Smith 5-1 William Borland
Seigo Asada 5-0 Ryan Hogarth
Jarred Cole 5-1 Darryl Fitton
Aaron Beeney 5-3 Martin Atkins (Wigan)
Losers: 5pts

Last Four
Jeff Smith 5-4 Seigo Asada
Aaron Beeney 5-4 Jarred Cole
Losers: 6pts

European Qualifying School 2020 Day Three Results (Last 128 onwards)

Last 128
Patrick Tringler 5-4 Martin Sevcov
Zoran Lerchbacher 5-1 Anoop Ramdajal
Thomas Kohnlein 5-1 Stefan Bellmont
Paulo Ferreira 5-4 Sven Vogelsberg
Wesley Harms 5-2 Michael Stoeten
Richard Veenstra 5-1 Fabian Roosenbrand
Mindaugas Barauskas 5-4 James Bailey
David Pisek 5-0 Timo Koenig
Richard van Zijtveld 5-0 Marcel Gerdon
Arjan Konterman 5-1 Kenny Neyens
Kay Smeets 5-2 David Haberberger
Mario Vandenbogaerde 5-2 Martijn Kleermaker
Mareno Michels 5-0 Fabian Herz
Michael Hurtz 5-3 Zdravko Antunovic
Thibault Tricole 5-1 Wouter Vaes
Jens Kniest 5-4 Leo Hendriks
Boris Krcmar 5-2 Willem Mandigers
Steffen Siepmann 5-0 Andreas Dirk Sauer
Owen Roelofs 5-1 Franz Roetzsch
Marek Polyak 5-4 Lukas Wenig
Cody Harris 5-4 Wessel Nijman
Danny van Trijp 5-2 Johan Engstrom
Kevin Munch 5-3 Ricardo Perez
Wesley van Trijp 5-1 Pavel Jirkal
Michael Plooy 5-0 Fons Hardeman
Dragutin Pecnjak 5-4 Raphael Leufgen
Andreas Harrysson 5-2 Andreas Schnellhardt
Karel Sedlacek 5-4 Levy Frauenfelder
Daniel Larsson 5-3 Dennis van der Ende
Jimmy Hendriks 5-4 Yoeri Duijster
Niels-Joergen Hansen 5-1 Veniamin Symeonidis
Michele Turetta 5-4 Michal Smejda
Michal Ondo 5-3 Marcel Althaus
Sebastian Steyer 5-1 Armando Slotboom
Mario Robbe 5-0 Matthias Orn Fridriksson
Lukasz Sawicki 5-1 Wilco Vermeulen
Derk Telnekes 5-3 Gabriel Pascaru
Ryan De Vreede 5-1 Janos Vegso
Ronny Huybrechts 5-3 Simeon Heinz
Dennie Olde Kalter 5-0 Radek Szaganski
Sead Nicevic 5-1 Alexander Merkx
Jeffrey Van Egdom 5-1 Nico Wagner
Tytus Kanik 5-2 Patrick Heitmueller
Berry van Peer 5-4 Julio Barbero Gonzalez
Patrick Plotz 5-0 Patrik Kovacs
Romeo Grbavac 5-3 Manfred Bilderl
Philipp Spindler 5-4 Jarno Braamskamp
Daniel Barborak 5-1 Peter Hubinger
Dirk van Duijvenbode 5-3 Patrick Peters
Kai Gotthardt 5-2 Kevin Doets
Dragutin Horvat 5-3 Nico Blum
Marco Apollonio 5-2 Paul Pohl
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 5-2 Paolo Trutalli
Szabolcs Nemeth 5-0 Nico Riehle
Jitse Van der wal 5-2 Dennis Nilsson
Gergely Lakatos 5-2 Adam Gawlas
Andy Baetens 5-1 Marina Letica
Pavel Drtil 5-3 Zereso Zeverboom
Krzysztof Kciuk 5-2 Martin Dufek
Tom Veje Kristensen 5-1 Joshua Hermann
Hannes Schnier 5-2 Glenn Leysen
Jeremy van der Winkel 5-1 Patrick van den Boogaard
Sebastian Pohl 5-2 Aaron Hardy
Maikel Verberk 5-3 Erik Hol
Losers: 1pt

Last 64
Zoran Lerchbacher 5-2 Patrick Tringler
Paulo Ferreira 5-1 Thomas Kohnlein
Wesley Harms 5-2 Richard Veenstra
Mindaugas Barauskas 5-1 David Pisek
Arjan Konterman 5-1 Richard van Zijtveld
Mario Vandenbogaerde 5-0 Kay Smeets
Michael Hurtz 5-4 Mareno Michels
Thibault Tricole 5-2 Jens Kniest
Steffen Siepmann 5-3 Boris Krcmar
Marek Polyak 5-3 Owen Roelofs
Cody Harris 5-0 Danny van Trijp
Kevin Munch 5-0 Wesley van Trijp
Dragutin Pecnjak 5-1 Michael Plooy
Karel Sedlacek 5-4 Andreas Harrysson
Daniel Larsson 5-4 Jimmy Hendriks
Michele Turetta 5-2 Niels-Joergen Hansen
Michal Ondo 5-2 Sebastian Steyer
Lukasz Sawicki 5-4 Mario Robbe
Derk Telnekes 5-4 Ryan De Vreede
Ronny Huybrechts 5-0 Dennie Olde Kalter
Sead Nicevic 5-2 Jeffrey Van Egdom
Berry van Peer 5-2 Tytus Kanik
Romeo Grbavac 5-4 Patrick Plotz
Daniel Barborak 5-1 Philipp Spindler
Dirk van Duijvenbode 5-2 Kai Gotthardt
Dragutin Horvat 5-0 Marco Apollonio
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 5-4 Szabolcs Nemeth
Jitse Van der wal 5-3 Gergely Lakatos
Andy Baetens 5-4 Pavel Drtil
Krzysztof Kciuk 5-2 Tom Veje Kristensen
Jeremy van der Winkel 5-2 Hannes Schnier
Sebastian Pohl 5-4 Maikel Verberk
Losers: 2pts

Last 32
Zoran Lerchbacher 5-2 Paulo Ferreira
Wesley Harms 5-3 Mindaugas Barauskas
Mario Vandenbogaerde 5-2 Arjan Konterman
Michael Hurtz 5-1 Thibault Tricole
Steffen Siepmann 5-1 Marek Polyak
Cody Harris 5-2 Kevin Munch
Karel Sedlacek 5-2 Dragutin Pecnjak
Daniel Larsson 5-0 Michele Turetta
Lukasz Sawicki 5-1 Michal Ondo
Derk Telnekes 5-3 Ronny Huybrechts
Berry van Peer 5-0 Sead Nicevic
Romeo Grbavac 5-4 Daniel Barborak
Dirk van Duijvenbode 5-0 Dragutin Horvat
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 5-2 Jitse Van der wal
Krzysztof Kciuk 5-0 Andy Baetens
Jeremy van der Winkel 5-2 Sebastian Pohl
Losers: 3pts

Last 16
Zoran Lerchbacher 5-3 Wesley Harms
Michael Hurtz 5-3 Mario Vandenbogaerde
Steffen Siepmann 5-2 Cody Harris
Karel Sedlacek 5-0 Daniel Larsson
Derk Telnekes 5-4 Lukasz Sawicki
Berry van Peer 5-1 Romeo Grbavac
Dirk van Duijvenbode 5-1 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Krzysztof Kciuk 5-1 Jeremy van der Winkel
Losers: 4pts

Michael Hurtz 5-3 Zoran Lerchbacher
Karel Sedlacek 5-2 Steffen Siepmann
Berry van Peer 5-3 Derk Telnekes
Dirk van Duijvenbode 5-3 Krzysztof Kciuk
Losers: 5pts

Karel Sedlacek 5-3 Michael Hurtz
Berry van Peer 5-4 Dirk van Duijvenbode
Losers: 6pts

Karel Sedlacek 5-1 Berry van Peer
Losers: 7pts