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PDC Winter Series Day Five Draw: The First Round line-up for Players Championship 23

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Michael van Gerwen issues response following Jonathan Worsley altercation

Worsley removed from PDC Winter Series event following Van Gerwen altercation

Jamie Shaw in PDC Winter Series 14 Nov 2020
Wales’ Jonathan Worsley (Photo by PDC)

Jonathan Worsley was removed from the fifth PDC Winter Series event following an altercation with Michael van Gerwen at the venue.

Worsley had been due to face Daryl Gurney in Round One at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on Saturday, but the world number 104 was removed from the draw following an incident involving Van Gerwen.

In a Facebook post, Worsley explains he had spilled a drink on his shirt on Wednesday, forcing him to quickly change prior to marking a subsequent game.

Worsley says he then received a warning from the Tournament Director the following day for wearing a shirt which breached the tournament dress code.

When speaking to the Tournament Director, Worsley questioned why someone marking on behalf of Michael van Gerwen was permitted to do so in jeans and a t-shirt.

The Welshman then claims Van Gerwen approached him inside the venue over the matter on Saturday, attempting to “intimidate” him and allegedly calling him “a rat”.

The confrontation then continued outside of the venue, where Worsley admits he pushed Van Gerwen and was removed from the tournament as a consequence.

Worsley’s statement on Facebook read:

“This is what happened…

“On Wednesday I had to go to the toilet after my game.

“At the same time I spilt a drink down my top, so I changed my shirt asap and rushed back to mark the board!

“On Thursday I got a b******ing off the tournament director for wearing a shirt we aren’t allowed to wear, so I apologised and that was that.

“Then MVG had to mark and he got someone to mark for him in jeans and a t- shirt!

“So I asked Keith the tournament director what the difference was you cant have one rule for him and another for me. I made no formal complaint so this should have been kept between me and the tournament director.

“However today MVG comes to the table and starts giving me s*** asking why I reported him then starts calling me names and trying to intimidate me… Rat, rat, rat, rat etc.

“I said “No Mike it wasnt aimed at you I just said it should be equal for all players”…fair point to make!

“Anyway I went out for a fag just stood there with Scott chatting and he [Van Gerwen] starts trying to intimidate me calling me rat, rat, rat etc.

“I explained it one last time and people listening agreed.

“He kept going so I pushed him.

“He reported me to the PDC bearing in mind the security knew full well he had been provoking me yet I get kicked out and he’s alright to play!

“How is that right?

“The PDC didn’t even speak to the “security” to see both sides just took MVG’s side. Absolute joke.

“So I’ve lost out today because you cant talk to officials confidentially without them gossiping and stirring!

“Ps. The security and some of the officials were quality.”

Van Gerwen suffered a Second Round exit on Saturday at the hands of Callan Rydz – who averaged 100.7 in a 6-4 victory.

In a separate Facebook post, Worsley had accused the PDC of being “one rule for one, another rule for another” while also using expletive language aimed directly at Van Gerwen, though the post was later deleted.

It is unclear yet as to whether either Worsley, Van Gerwen or both will face disciplinary action from the DRA.