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McGeeney and Baker secure Tour Cards on Day Two of Qualifying School

Jamie Shaw in PDC Darts News 18 Jan 2019
Baker and McGeeney celebrate Q School success (credit:PDC)
Lakeside stars Mark McGeeney and Scott Baker both secured coveted PDC Tour Cards on Day Two of 2019 UK Qualifying School in Wigan on Friday.
The second of four days of action saw almost 400 players battle it out, with the final two winning a Tour Card automatically and ranking points allocated to other players to form the UK Q School Order of Merit.
Competing in his first Q School, former BDO number one McGeeney came agonisingly close to winning a Tour Card on the first day of action, suffering defeat in the Semi-Finals, but went one better on Day Two.
The Stockport thrower’s day began with victories over Dave Prins, Scott Dale, Martin Atkins, Andy Chalmers and Mark Hickey as he reached the last 16.
McGeeney then recorded back-to-back 5-2 wins over Matt Clark and Jamie Bain, before edging out Carl Wilkinson 5-4 to attain his all-important Tour Card.
“It’s a huge relief for me, my whole year has been building up to this,” said McGeeney.
“Everyone said Q School would be tough but for me this is why I play the game, I want to compete with the best of the best.
“I loved playing in the Grand Slam and now my goal is to play at Ally Pally and the Winter Gardens and test myself against the world’s top players.”
Baker, who took Glen Durrant to a deciding set in the recent BDO World Championship, was also successful in his first attempt at Q School.
Back-to-back whitewashes of Mark Esposito and women’s world finalist Lorraine Winstanley got Baker’s day off to a perfect start before a sensational 107.7 average saw him overcome David Adshead 5-2.
Victories over former Tour Card holders Barrie Bates, Stephen Burton and Jonathan Worsley followed, before a 5-2 success over Lakeside Championship semi-finalist Jim Williams put him within one win of glory.
A convincing 5-1 triumph over American Danny Lauby confirmed Baker’s status as a full-time professional on the PDC circuit for 2019 and 2020.
“I’m absolutely buzzing, I’m on top of the world right now,” said Baker.
“I was playing well yesterday but today I managed to produce that little bit extra to get through.
“The setup here is worlds apart from what I’m used to and I surprised myself a bit with how well I played. Now I can’t wait to get started on the ProTour.”
It was a second day of disappointment for reigning Lakeside Champion Durrant, three-time World Champion John Part and Brazil’s World Cup star Diogo Portela, who all exited before the last 64 stage.
Former World Championship finalist Andy Hamilton and experienced Welshman Barrie Bates both went out in the Last 64, while former Players Championship Finals winner Kevin Painter exited in the last 32.
Despite suffering defeat at the final four stage, Lauby and Wilkinson are both well placed to claim Tour Cards via the Q School Order of Merit, should they not claim an automatic Tour Card in the remaining two days.
A total of four further automatic Tour Cards will be won over the next two days, with a further 11 places available via the UK Qualifying School Order of Merit.

Q School 2019 Order of Merit Table

Position Player Points
=1 Jonathan Worsley 8
=1 Carl Wilkinson 8
=1 Andy Boulton 8
=1 Jim Williams 8
=1 Callan Rydz 8
=6 Darren Johnson 7
=6 Matt Padgett 7
=6 Richie Howson 7
=6 Barrie Bates 7
=6 Jamie Bain 7
=6 Stephen Burton 7
=12 Adrian Gray 6
=12 Christopher Bent 6
=12 Daniel Lauby 6
=12 Patrick Lynskey 6
=12 Kevin Thomas 6
=12 Kirk Shepherd 6
=18 John Davey 5
=18 Dyson Parody 5
=18 Thomas Lovely 5
=18 Cameron Menzies 5
=18 Zak Cross 5
=18 Antony Darlow 5
=18 Mark Hickey 5
=18 Conan Whitehead 5
=18 Dafydd Edwards 5
=18 Dave Ladley 5
=18 Robert Collins 5
=18 Jarred Cole 5


Ranking points allocation (Towards Q School Order of Merit):

Last 128 defeat: One point
Last 64 defeat: Two points
Last 32 defeat: Three points
Last 16 defeat: Four points
Last Eight defeat: Five points
Last Four defeat: Six points

PDC UK Qualifying School 2019 Day Two Results (Last 128 onwards)

Last 128
Darlow, Antony 5-1 Smith, Justin
Cameron, David 5-3 Askew, Dave
Baxter, Mark 5-2 Hall, Rees
Bent, Christopher 5-4 Evans, Lee
Lauby, Daniel 5-4 Mitchell, Tony
Dowling, Kevin 5-3 Carlin, Gavin
Burton, Ben 5-2 Redfern, Paul
Menzies, Cameron 5-0 Portela, Diogo
Cook, William 5-1 Withers, Ian
Gregory, Thomas 5-4 Joey Palfreyman
Lynskey, Patrick 5-3 Landon, Jamie
Tipple, Vince 5-4 Durrant, Glen
Evans, Kieran 5-3 Taylor, Scott
Collins, Robert 5-1 Mcfarlane, Ian
Borland, William 5-3 McGuirk, Shane
Boulton, Andy 5-3 Foster, Andrew
Cross, Zak 5-3 Rooney, Keith
Murnan, Joe 5-2 Derry, Nathan
Williams, Jim 5-4 Atkins, Martin (Leeds)
Cole, Jarred 5-4 Dickinson, Jack
Nakanishi, Eikichi 5-4 Burksfield, Joshua
Cankett, Sam 5-2 Ladley, David
Lovely, Thomas 5-1 Ashton, Lisa
Gray, Adrian 5-4 McKinstry, Kyle
Bates, Barrie 5-3 Robinson, Reece
Baker, Scott 5-2 Adshead, David
Burton, Stephen 5-2 McKirdy, Jimmy
Thomas, Kevin 5-2 Williams, Paul
Barilli, Mark 5-3 Budgen, Lee
Glass, Kris 5-4 Hayden, Rhys
Worsley, Jonathan 5-2 Lam, Royden
Smith, Damien 5-4 Smith, Dennis
Parody, Dyson John 5-3 Large, John
Whitehead, Conan 5-4 Part, John
Corner, Richard 5-1 Frost, Mark
Johnson, Darren 5-0 Phillips, Paul
Lever, Ian 5-3 Barton, James
Wilkinson, Carl 5-2 Preston, Simon
Lynn, Barry 5-2 Gallimore, Stephen
Coulson, Derek 5-4 Owen, Dean
Bridle, Shaun 5-4 Mcgurn, Lewis
Rydz, Callan 5-1 Scrivens, Roger
Hamilton, Andy 5-1 Baulcomb, Max
Davey, John 5-2 McGrath, Mark
Nash, Terry 5-2 Lawson, James
Edhouse, Ritchie 5-1 Whittaker, Grant
Day, Daniel 5-0 O’Driscoll, Damien
Hammond, Curtis 5-4 Crooks, Logan
Griffin, Rhys 5-3 Fitzpatrick, Allan
Rafferty, Nathan 5-4 Gilding, Andrew
Geraghty, Keith 5-4 Lane, Kevin
Padgett, Matt 5-1 Williams, Darren
Bain, Jamie 5-4 Smith, Steven
Meek, Liam 5-4 Woods, Brian
Hanvidge, Paul 5-2 White, Chris
Painter, Kevin 5-3 Palmer, Ryan
89.8 Herewini, Darren 5-3 Dennant, Matthew
Hickey, Mark 5-3 Wilson, David
Chalmers, Andy 5-3 Walker, Paul
McGeeney, Mark 5-2 Atkins (Wigan), Martin
Clark, Matt 5-2 Todd, Mick
Howson, Richie 5-4 Carragher, Francis
Teehan, Ciaran 5-3 Neate, Paul
Bowles, John 5-1 Smith, Gavin
Last 64
Darlow, Antony 5-4 Cameron, David
Bent, Christopher 5-0 Baxter, Mark
Lauby, Daniel 5-1 Dowling, Kevin
Burton, Ben 5-4 Menzies, Cameron
Gregory, Thomas 5-4 Cook, William
Lynskey, Patrick 5-2 Tipple, Vince
Collins, Robert 5-4 Evans, Kieran
Boulton, Andy 5-0 Borland, William
Murnan, Joe 5-3 Cross, Zak
Williams, Jim 5-0 Cole, Jarred
Cankett, Sam 5-1 Nakanishi, Eikichi
Gray, Adrian 5-1 Lovely, Thomas
Baker, Scott 5-2 Bates, Barrie
Burton, Stephen 5-4 Thomas, Kevin
Barilli, Mark 5-2 Glass, Kris
Worsley, Jonathan 5-0 Smith, Damian
Parody, Dyson John 5-3 Whitehead, Conan
Johnson, Darren 5-0 Corner, Richard
Wilkinson, Carl 5-0 Lever, Ian
Lynn, Barry 5-3 Coulson, Derek
Rydz, Callan 5-0 Bridle, Shaun
Davey, John 5-1 Hamilton, Andy
Edhouse, Ritchie 5-4 Nash, Terry
Hammond, Curtis 5-4 Day, Daniel
Griffin, Rhys 5-0 Rafferty, Nathan
Padgett, Matt 5-1 Geraghty, Keith
Bain, Jamie 5-2 Meek, Liam
Painter, Kevin 5-3 Hanvidge, Paul
Hickey, Mark 5-4 Herewini, Darren
McGeeney, Mark 5-1 Chalmers, Andy
Clark, Matt 5-4 Howson, Richie
Bowles, John 5-3 Teehan, Ciaran
Last 32
Darlow, Antony 5-2 Bent, Christopher
Lauby, Daniel 5-3 Burton, Ben
Lynskey, Patrick 5-0 Gregory, Thomas
Collins, Robert 5-4 Boulton, Andy
Williams, Jim 5-3 Murnan, Joe
Gray, Adrian 5-3 Cankett, Sam
Baker, Scott 5-1 Burton, Stephen
Worsley, Jonathan 5-4 Barilli, Mark
Johnson, Darren 5-1 Parody, Dyson
Wilkinson, Carl 5-1 Lynn, Barry
Rydz, Callan 5-3 Davey, John
Hammond, Curtis 5-4 Edhouse, Ritchie
Padgett, Matt 5-3 Griffin, Rhys
Bain, Jamie 5-3 Painter, Kevin
McGeeney, Mark 5-0 Hickey, Mark
Clark, Matt 5-4 Bowles, John
Last 16
Lauby, Daniel 5-2 Darlow, Antony
Collins, Robert 5-4 Lynskey, Patrick
Williams, Jim 5-1 Gray, Adrian
Baker, Scott 5-2 Worsley, Jonathan
Wilkinson, Carl 5-3 Johnson, Darren
Rydz, Callan 5-1 Hammond, Curtis
Bain, Jamie 5-4 Padgett, Matt
McGeeney, Mark 5-2 Clark, Matt
Last Eight
Lauby, Daniel 5-0 Collins, Robert
Baker, Scott 5-2 Williams, Jim
Wilkinson, Carl 5-0 Rydz, Callan
McGeeney, Mark 5-2 Bain, Jamie
Last Four
Scott Baker 5-1 Daniel Lauby
Mark McGeeney 5-4 Carl Wilkinson