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Modern Amateur Darts (MAD) is the new home of grass roots darts, incorporating innovative new ideas that will transform the game in the UK and beyond.

Fronted by JDC Chairman and PDC professional Steve Brown, MAD launched in 2020 with an ambitious blueprint to rejuvenate the game at amateur level.

The ‘show-piece’ events are comprised of: the National League Championships, the British Amateur Open Finals, the Golden Gauntlet and the Champion of Champions.

In addition, players will also be given the opportunity to compete for world title belts in a similar model used in combat sports such as boxing and MMA.

The titles up for grabs include: Super Regional, National, Continental and World, with both men’s and women’s championships taking place.

The four divisions will work on a pyramid system, with Super Regional titles due to be defended every four weeks and all other titles every five weeks.

Any player can place a bid for a title challenge, with champions earning prize money with each successful title defence.

MAD will initially crown honorary European and World Champions – who will be awarded with a title belt to represent their status and achievement.