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Mardle expresses interest in PDPA Chairman role

Jamie Shaw in Darts Interviews 29 May 2019
Hawaii 501 has his say (credit:Live Darts)
Wayne Mardle has revealed he would consider standing for the position of Chairman of the Professional Darts Players Association.
Mardle, who retired from professional competition in 2011 and now works as a pundit and commentator with Sky Sports, believes the current crop of players need to be better represented by an independent body.
The PDPA, initially formed in the 1980s, is set up to protect the interests of professional players through an annually elected Board, which has been led by Chairman Peter Manley for over a decade.
The PDPA’s status has recently changed from a players union to an association working in partnership with the PDC and its governing body – the Darts Regulation Authority.
Mardle believes the PDPA would benefit from a change in leadership and told Live Darts he would consider standing for Chairman providing he could balance his other commitments.
“I would contemplate being the PDPA Chairman,” said Mardle.
“I’ve expressed my views before that I wouldn’t mind doing that.
“How time consuming that would be, I don’t know, but I’ve not ruled it out yet.
“I think Peter Manley is great for the job, but I want him to put across what he wants to say, I don’t want him to be bullied into saying things that maybe the PDC want him to say.
“I think the PDPA have got to remain strong for the players and no one else.
“I think everyone’s worried about keeping their status and I couldn’t care less, if I was put in that position I’d love it.
“If I got sacked from that position a week later then I’ve tried for a week.”
Mardle, a former World Matchplay finalist and four-time World Championship semi-finalist, has been outspoken on a number of current debates within the sport, including gamesmanship, the disciplinary process and the ranking system.
He believes the current two-year Order of Merit based on prize money is inferior to a traditional points system used in other sports such as golf and tennis and does not reward the most in-form players.
“The ranking system is poor, it really is,” offered Mardle.
“Basically, if someone wins £100,000 23 months ago and you win £100,000 yesterday, they both count the same.
“Within that 23 months, that person may have given up darts, but it still counts the same.
“It needs to kind of disintegrate month-in, month-out, a percentage.
“I don’t like pounds anyway, if it carried points it would be easier to work out.
“I remember Robert Thornton winning the Grand Prix, when he had to defend it he went to bed the world number seven and woke up the world number 16.  No one becomes that poor overnight.

“Beating Michael van Gerwen should carry a certain amount of clout.

“Is there a perfect ranking system? No, probably not. Is there a better one? Yes.
“The PDC have got to look at what other sports do,  Golf and Tennis both do a points system and a money system, so why can’t darts do that?”