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Disciplinary action in darts “can be dealt with better” says Manley

Jamie Shaw in Darts Interviews 20 Jun 2019
Manley is PDPA Chairman and remains active on the exhibition circuit (credit:Global Darts)
PDPA Chairman Peter Manley believes disciplinary action against professional darts players “can be dealt with better” and says he is keen to set up a meeting with the DRA to discuss the matter.
Manley, a three-time World Championship finalist, has held down the role of PDPA Chairman for more than a decade, protecting the interests of professional players and working in partnership with the PDC and its governing body – the Darts Regulation Authority.
During his playing career, Manley was involved in a number of controversial incidents on the oche, including his infamous stand-off with Adrian Lewis in the 2006 World Championship which led to the Stoke youngster departing the stage at the Circus Tavern.
A number of players have felt the wrath of the DRA in recent months, with Gerwyn Price’s record tally of fines from the 2018 Grand Slam hitting the headlines, as well as Mickey Mansell’s unprecedented sanction for ‘not playing to the best of his ability’ during the World Championship.
While Manley admits he was fined on multiple occasions during his time at the top, he believes the current sanctions being handed out are disproportionate and is actively looking to meet with members of the sport’s governing body to address the issue.
“You’re always going to get it with the prize money and pressure that these guys are under,” Manley told Live Darts.
“You’re going to get things that are going to happen which shouldn’t happen.
“It happens in nearly all sports and it’s dealt with.
“I think you do need these players so people will say “I’m going to watch that game tonight”.
“We’d all love to see Gerwyn Price play Gary Anderson again, the two guys are quality players.
“They did bat an eyelid [during my career], I even got fined when Adrian Lewis walked off the stage and I did nothing wrong in my eyes, but there you go.
“The fines are lot bigger now, do I agree with them? Possibly not the amount of fine that players are being given, I think it can be dealt with a little bit better than that and still keep order.
“That’s our opinion, we try and put our side across.
“With the way the DRA operate, currently at the moment we’re unable to participate unless a player gives us permission to be involved and sometimes they don’t, they might wish to go their own route.
“We’re desperate to set up a meeting with the DRA and we’re just waiting for them to come back with suitable dates.”
Last month, in an interview with Live Darts, Wayne Mardle revealed he would consider standing for the position of PDPA Chairman, challenging Manley’s leadership.
Mardle, who retired from professional competition in 2011 and now works as a pundit and commentator with Sky Sports, believes the current crop of players need to be better represented by an independent body.
Manley, who served as Mardle’s best man at his wedding, has laughed off the suggestions, responding:  “I did see the interview and eventually I got myself off the floor and stopped laughing, i t was quite funny.
“If anyone really did take that seriously then bless them!”