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Cross aiming to get back on track with the help of weight loss regime

Jamie Shaw in Darts Interviews 06 Jun 2018
Cross makes his entrance during the Premier League (credit:Taylor Lanning)
Rob Cross says he intends to lose a stone with the aid of a new protein diet in an attempt to revitalise himself for the second half of the season.
The reigning World Champion has had a whirlwind start to the campaign, embarking on his first Premier League season as well as making his debut in the World Cup of Darts and World Series.
Cross, 27, is yet to win a PDC title since his landmark triumph at Alexandra Palace on New Year’s Day – where he thrashed the legendary Phil Taylor in the final to etch his name into darting folklore.
Cross, however, admits the demanding schedule has interrupted his usual routine and after gaining weight he is hoping to get back into shape and back to his best on the big stage.
“I’ve been trying a protein diet and it’s been going really well,” said Cross. “I need more energy.
“I’ve noticed that I’ve been a bit lacklustre at times this year and if you haven’t got the energy at the start you’re not just going to magic it out of thin air.
“For me, why I won the Worlds is because of the energy I had and the adrenaline flows a lot easier.
“That’s something I really need to work on and get that right and if I can then I’ll feel a lot better.
“I go to a place now where they sort my diet out – I have shakes in the morning.
“I’m going to have a little lifestyle change for the better.”
The Hastings ace is hoping to follow in the footsteps of Taylor – who lost a substantial amount of weight after embarking on a juice diet in 2014 – but Cross admits he plans to slim down gradually.
He added: “I’d like to take a stone off but only gradually, nothing too quick.
“At the minute I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been so that definitely needs to come off.
“When you look at yourself and how much weight you’ve put on, you don’t feel good so it’s all a confidence thing.
“The way I felt last weekend at the World Cup with my energy on the stage, I felt like a different player and as though I was back at the Worlds.
“I get up earlier and go walking now and the idea is to go on the rowing machine in the morning and do that consistently every day, even on the days I play.
“Routine is the best thing for me, it’s nice when you get into one and it’s hard when you come out of one.
“This year I’ve come out of one and found things a little bit different.
“From when I started last year as a professional, everything has moved fast, you have so many things you want to change but this one is a must.
“If you don’t treat yourself right, how long are you going to last?
“This is what provides for my family and they’re what’s most important so I need to look after myself better.”