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Des Jacklin explains decision to resign as BDO Chairman

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Des Jacklin returns as BDO Chairman a month after resigning

Des Jacklin voted back onto the BDO Board

Jamie Shaw in BDO Darts News 20 Apr 2020
Des Jacklin is set to return to the board (Credit: BDO Darts)

Des Jacklin has been voted back onto the BDO Board of Directors just weeks after tendering his resignation as chairman.

Jacklin announced his resignation as chairman with immediate effect on March 17, seemingly ending a turbulent two-year spell at the helm.

However, little over a month later, Jacklin is set to return to BDO Board after being voted back in by a majority of the counties.

Live Darts understands Jacklin received 66 per cent of votes, and though he initially declined due to an apparent lack of trust, he later reversed his decision and took up the position.

It is understood that Jacklin will not return as chairman and will oversee finances before a final decision is made at the next AGM.

The BDO is continuing to chase refunds from the Sol Principe hotel, the host venue of the Torremolinos Festival of Darts, which was cancelled last month due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Jacklin was in charge during the BDO’s biggest crisis period to date which saw the organisation rack up a staggering £468,000 loss during the last financial year.

The decision to take the World Championship away from Lakeside resulted in a prize fund slashed by almost 60 per cent due to lack of sponsorship and poor ticket sales, with men’s champion Wayne Warren receiving just £23,000 – the lowest winner’s cheque since 1989.

The World Masters descended into chaos, with re-draws at the qualifiers and a minimal crowd turnout at the Circus Tavern, while the BDO’s entire team of officials resigned and the WDF ceased to recognise BDO events.

Jacklin’s official resignation letter was followed by a remarkable statement on Facebook in which he pulled no punches on his predecessors, denied accusations of fixing draws and explained the reasoning behind the move to The O2.

The BDO board stated at the foot of the most recent financial report that it ‘recognises the risks associated with continuing operations’ but is continuing to work at arranging sponsorship deals and TV coverage for its scheduled tournaments.