Cameron Menzies out to go on a roll after Day One flush out at Qualifying School

Cameron Menzies is hoping for a clean break on Day Two in Milton Keynes after being timed out on the opening day of Qualifying School for going to the toilet.

Having won his opening two matches, Menzies was due to face Adam Smith-Neale in the Last 32, but was scratched from the tournament after failing to show at the board on time.

The Scot took to Twitter shortly afterwards to explain the incident, posting: “Nature calls, you gotta go, explained but still eliminated.”

He later added: “Does anyone need to go toilet when nervous or am I just an idiot?

“Fear to eat anything spicy just incase!”

DRA rules state: ‘Any player that is not in attendance at the Match Board when required to play at the nominated time or when the Referee for their Match calls ‘Game On’, will, save in exceptional circumstances to be decided by the Tournament Director, forfeit that leg, set or match, whichever, at the discretion of the Tournament Director or as laid down in the Darts Event rules, is applicable.’

Smith-Neale received a walk-over into the Last 16 and went on to reach the final round, where he was edged out 6-4 by Chas Barstow.

It is not the first time Menzies has failed to arrive on time for a match in PDC competition, having famously been timed out at the UK Open in Minehead in 2019.

He returns to action in Stage 1A of UK Q School at the Marshall Arena on Tuesday – where he faces Ben Dulley in the Last 256.

Meanwhile, Dutchman Gilian Koehoorn has been withdrawn from Day Two of European Qualifying School in Germany after allegedly visiting the shops on Monday evening, breaching the venue’s tight covid protocols.