The BDO World Darts Championship is a world championship competition in darts, organised by the British Darts Organisation (BDO). 

It began in 1978, and was the only world championship tournament until 1994. Since then, following a dispute with the BDO, a breakaway group was formed (now known as the Professional Darts Corporation) which stages its own annual PDC World Championship, generally before the BDO version in late December and early January of each year.

The BDO event is held at the Lakeside Country Club in Frimley Green in Surrey and features both a mens and women's competition.

Internationals from all corners of the world qualify to compete on the famous Lakeside stage, in an event renowned for its emphasis on tradition and history.

BDO Lakeside Championship roll of honour

Year Final Result
1978Leighton Rees 11-7 John Lowe (legs)
1979John Lowe 5-0 Leighton Rees
1980Eric Bristow 5-3 Bobby George
1981Eric Bristow 5-3 John Lowe
1982Jocky Wilson 5-3 John Lowe
1983Keith Deller 6-5 Eric Bristow
1984Eric Bristow 7-1 Dave Whitcombe
1985Eric Bristow 6-2 John Lowe
1986Eric Bristow 6-0 Dave Whitcombe
1987John Lowe 6-4 Eric Bristow
1988Bob Anderson 6-4 John Lowe
1989Jocky Wilson 6-4 Eric Bristow
1990Phil Taylor 6-1 Eric Bristow
1991Dennis Priestley 6-0 Eric Bristow
1992Phil Taylor 6-5 Mike Gregory
1993John Lowe 6-3 Alan Warriner
1994John Part 6-0 Bobby George
1995Richie Burnett 6-3 Raymond van Barneveld
1996Steve Beaton 6-3 Richie Burnett
1997Les Wallace 6-3 Marshall James
1998Raymond van Barneveld 6-5 Richie Burnett
1999Raymond van Barneveld 6-5 Ronnie Baxter
2000Ted Hankey 6-0 Ronnie Baxter
2001John Walton 6-2 Ted Hankey
2002Tony David 6-4 Mervyn King
2003Raymond van Barneveld 6-3 Ritchie Davies
2004Andy Fordham 6-3 Mervyn King
2005Raymond van Barneveld 6-2 Martin Adams
2006Jelle Klaasen 7-5 Raymond van Barneveld
2007Martin Adams 7-5 Phill Nixon
2008Mark Webster 7-5 Simon Whitlock
2009Ted Hankey 7-6 Tony O'Shea
2010Martin Adams 7-5 Dave Chisnall
2011Martin Adams 7-5 Dean Winstanley
2012Christian Kist 7-5 Tony O'Shea
2013Scott Waites 7-1 Tony O'Shea
2014Stephen Bunting 7-4 Alan Norris
2015Scott Mitchell 7-6 Martin Adams
2016Scott Waites 7-1 Jeff Smith
2017Glen Durrant 7-3 Danny Noppert
2018Glen Durrant 7-6 Mark McGeeney

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