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Exclusive James Wade interview part one – The Machine expecting more big titles

Zeus Team in Darts Interviews 12 Feb 2013
James Wade revealed exclusively to Matthew at Live-Darts.com that he would be changing his walk-on song this year.
James “The Machine” Wade is confident of winning the Premier League and revealed to Live-Darts.com that he’s changing his walk-on song
Fresh from beating Wes Newton on the opening night of the 2013 Premier League, James Wade headed back from Belfast and Matthew Glazier caught up with him in London before The Machine headed back to Aldershot to tinker with his cars.
MG: James, thanks for speaking exclusively to Live-Darts.com and answering questions from our readers. Congratulations also on beating Wes night, although I take it you weren’t happy with the performance level.
JW: Clearly not! I put so much work in and it didn’t pay off. But I won and that’s the most important thing. 
MG: You won the Premier League in 2009, is a repeat on the cards this year?
JW: In a word yes. Every tournament I enter, I know I can win. The difference now is that I believe I can win. I’ve just put in three months practice. I actually expected to do something silly last night and average 105 against Wes. So in the end, it was a bit of an anti-climax. But it was the first game, change of format so can’t complain.
MG: Yes, you’re top of the table!
JW: Am I? Been a while! Last time that happened I won it.
MG: OK, so on to some questions from our readers. Tom Burke asks what piece of advice you would give a keen pub league Wednesday night player.
JW: Get there early. Settle down. Get yourself ready. Darts is about concentration so the more you do this, the better you will become.
MG: KeoHany112 on our @livedarts Twitter asks how you keep your focus when things are not going your way.
JW: I think it’s easier because you knuckle down then. When your back’s against the wall you have to focus. 
MG: As opposed to the other way around…
JW: Yeah, it’s easy to become complacent when you’re out in front. A little bit too interactive with the crowd and relaxed. 
MG:  Ben Nicholson asks how you deal with the amount of pressure on a stage in front of thousands of noisy fans. How do you mentally prepare for it?
JW: I don’t think you can prepare for it. You just have to get up there and react in the best possible way. Sometimes that isn’t always easy and you behave in a way that the audience don’t particularly like. 
MG: But do you enjoy those big arena atmospheres?
JW: As a rule yes. But sometimes it goes over the top. How do you control 15,000 people screaming and shouting at the same time?
MG:  Clive Drummond asks how many hours a day do you practice and whether you practice many doubles? 
JW: I don’t practice anything I wouldn’t do in a match. I play 501 between one and two hours per day. 
MG: Mike Platt asks whether you can change your walk on song from ‘Bonkers’ and go back to the Black Eyed Peas one.
JW: I am actually going to be changing it! But it won’t be either of those two. 
MG: Oh brilliant. Can you give us a clue? 
JW: I don’t know myself yet. 
MG: You could throw it open to the @livedarts Twitter feed…
JW: The reason why I’m changing it is because you get some idiots shouting “freak” and “nutter” when you’re walking to the stage. So I don’t want that any more. 
MG: Let us know if you need any suggestions for that song James…
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