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Gary Anderson reveals enforced change following weight loss

Phil Lanning in Darts Interviews 04 Sep 2019
Two-time World Champion Anderson reacts (credit:Lawrence Lustig/PDC)
Gary Anderson has revealed he has had to get a new dart designed after extensive weight loss in recent months.
The Flying Scotsman lost two stone while off the oche with a back injury for the first six months of this season.
Now, Anderson has discovered that his stance has changed which has meant a re-think of how he approaches the game on and off the oche.
He told Live Darts: “Unicorn have been designing me a new dart, I felt like I was struggling because I lost two stone. 
“So between having the time off and losing the weight, my darts weren’t suiting me.
“I’m kind of standing back upright more now when I’m playing. Now it’s just about getting the hunger back.
“I came back from the World Series with a few pounds extra so I’m now trying to lose it again.
“When I was away again I was back eating rubbish. When I was off I actually ate more but it’s the darts lifestyle that plays havoc with you. 
“When I play darts I rarely eat until after the game late at night and that doesn’t really help you. The travelling also makes it difficult and then being tired on top of it, that makes you lazy.
“It’s a combination of all that which I’m having to get used to again. It’s only fast food places when you are on the go.”
Anderson returned to Scotland earlier in the week to visit his sponsor McAlpine Plumbing in Coatbridge and Johnstone – but admits he needs to get back to work on the practice board.
His sole success so far this year came in June’s World Cup of Darts alongside Peter Wright, while he also reached the Semi-Finals of a ProTour event the following month.
The world number four is due to compete in a series of Players Championship events prior to the next major – October’s World Grand Prix in Dublin – which signals the start of a non-stop run-in to the end of the season.
He added: “Having the time off was good to get fit again. But it’s twice as hard trying to get back into it. It’s not just the playing darts, it’s dealing with being on the road.
“I really enjoyed the World Series, we went away with the kids which was great fun. I lost twice to Michael van Gerwen but each time I was playing I felt a lot more comfortable on the stage.
“The biggest problem I had was my teeth, I think they are still sitting in New Zealand! The wisdom teeth had to come out, two of them, they were absolutely throbbing.
“I was in and out in a couple of hours. They said I’d struggle playing but once the teeth were out I was fine.
“I don’t actually know how it will go for me because it’s flat-out from October onwards. I really need to get back into it. 
“When I get back from Scotland this week I’m back down the pub with the boys to get some proper practice in. It’s better when I do that than just practising at home, it’s more competitive and I enjoy it more.
“Usually after time off it doesn’t affect me. But it has this time and I’ve got some hard work in front of me I think.”