Phil Taylor open to World Darts Championship return

Taylor celebrates during last year's World Championship (credit:Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

Phil Taylor has revealed he would “consider” a sensational return to the World Darts Championship.

Taylor, who bowed out at Alexandra Palace on New Year's Day, has been back in the darting limelight as a commentator and pundit on Sky Sports during the BetVictor World Matchplay.

But the 16-time World Champion legend has admitted for the first time he would be open to a wildcard place at the Ally Pally, if that opportunity was provided.

Taylor revealed: "I'm still working, travelling around the world, just not playing competitively.

"I've done a lot of media and radio stuff plus charity and exhibitions so really I’ve not had a break at all since retiring.

"The schedule I couldn’t do it now. To get to certain tournaments you’ve got to play every week now and I couldn’t travel the world like I used to do.

"If Barry wanted me to do something we could sit down and have a chat about it. It would have to be a wild card.

"But I've never really agreed with wild cards to be quite honest. I've always thought it’s wrong for the people who have qualified legitimately. 

"It would appeal to me to play Michael van Gerwen in a pay-per-view match or something like that. But I’d have to get time to get ready. I don’t practice like I used to and I’m not dedicated like I used to be.

"Someone came up with the idea that with the World Championship being over 100 players that you could bring back some of the old players. That's not a bad idea as it happens. That's maybe something Barry might think about in the future.

"If Barry came up with that idea I could consider it, of course I would, it would be good fun."

Taylor also believes that his old protege Adrian Lewis will rise back to the top of the oche once he has figured out how to improve his game.

He added: "I don't think Adrian played the way he can. Not the man I practiced with for a couple of years. He's slowed his throw down.

"Whatever he is doing, he's trying to get better. It will come together, I know what he’s like. 

"I think maybe it’s the wrong time to do it at the Matchplay or World Championship. I would have gone back to my old style and let my darts flow.

“Because when Adrian is happy and he's buzzing he’s a very difficult player to beat.

"He's very determined and he’s put every effort into it. I know he’s practised hard because you can tell by the way he's lost weight.

“But he's a happy player Adie is. I commentated on his first game against James Wilson and he didn’t have that smile on his face. He seemed a bit flat like he's trying too hard like the world’s on his shoulders.

"I’ve been there, I know exactly what he’s feeling. He’s trying to lift the roof off the building because he’s that frustrated."

Taylor also believes winning is getting tougher for his old rival Michael van Gerwen - but expects a “ferocious” return to form from the Dutchman.

He added: "I think it’s getting tough for Michael. He's getting a bit older and a young family now and responsibilities. You start to feel it when you’ve been to Vegas to China and then back to the UK, trust me, it’s going to take its toll.

"When you're playing a player who is fresh, been in his house everyday practising, going to bed early, and knowing he can beat you because he’s beaten you before, Michael is going to be put under pressure.

"But Michael will be dangerous now in the next few tournaments. He’s not silly, he knows how to do it. When he’s hurt, he’s another one who becomes a tiger. He comes back ferocious."

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Phil Taylor open to World Darts Championship return

Phil Taylor has revealed he would “consider” a sensational return to the World Darts Championship.

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