Prolific Price claims Players Championship Five glory

Jamie Shaw in PDC Darts News 23 Feb 2019
Welsh star Price celebrates (credit:Michael Cooper/PDC)

Gerwyn Price claimed his fifth PDC title at Players Championship Five with an 8-4 victory over Gabriel Clemens in the final in Barnsley on Saturday.

Price, who is unbeaten in his first three matches in the Unibet Premier League, continued his superb run of form by scooping the £10,000 title at the Barnsley Metrodome.

The reigning Grand Slam champion produced a series of dominant displays en route to the title and notably averaged 109 in denying Germany's Clemens in the decider.

"The last couple of weeks I've been playing really well but falling to better players sometimes," said Price.

"Today I held it together, averaged 109 and got a good win.

"I've given up my social media so my mind is clear - I don't hear the rubbish.

"Ever since then I've been playing brilliant, so I advise anyone on social media to just give it up if you want to play well.

"This time 12 months ago, everything was the other way round, I was playing rubbish and couldn't win a game on the ProTour, but winning breeds confidence."

Price began his charge with a 6-4 win over Finland's Marko Kantele, before defeating Latvia's Madars Razma and Newcastle's Ryan Joyce by 6-2 scorelines.

The Welshman then edged out compatriot Jonny Clayton 6-5 with a 105.5 average before exceeding that performance with a 106 in seeing off Ian White 6-2 in the Quarter-Finals.

Price went on to reel off five consecutive legs from 4-2 down to defeat Dave Chisnall 7-4 in the Semi-Finals, taking out 136 for the match and averaging 100.5

He quickly opened up a 4-1 lead over Clemens in the final with finishes of 72 and 69 before the 'German Giant' took out 65 and 63 to peg back to 6-4 behind.

Price, though, clinched the next two legs to seal the deal with a blistering 109.7 average.

World number 63 Clemens enjoyed a run to his second ProTour final, defeating Nathan Derry, Alan Norris, Ted Evetts, Ross Smith, John Henderson and Danny Noppert along the way.

His Semi-Final clash with Noppert saw the Dutchman produce a nine-dart finish in an eventual 7-5 defeat.

The nine-darter was the second perfect leg of the day, following on from Scott Baker - who hit one in his Last 32 tie with Dave Chisnall - but was beaten 6-3 despite a 110 average.

Players Championship Five Results

Saturday February 23

First Round
White, Ian 6-0 Rodriguez, Rowby John
Monk, Arron 6-5 Huybrechts, Kim
McGeeney, Mark 6-3 Mansell, Mickey
Woodhouse, Luke 6-4 Jones, Wayne
King, Mervyn 6-4 Harrington, Ryan
Reyes, Cristo 6-2 Goldie, John
Alcinas, Toni 6-3 Bunting, Stephen
Durrant, Glen 6-1 Carroll, Shaun
Price, Gerwyn 6-4 Kantele, Marko
Razma, Madars 6-5 O'Connor, William
Dobey, Chris 6-1 Murschell, Dawson
Joyce, Ryan 6-4 Kuivenhoven, Maik
Clayton, Jonny 6-4 Carlin, Gavin
Ward, Harry 6-4 Dootson, Eddie
Aspinall, Nathan 6-4 De Zwaan, Jeffrey
Brooks, Bradley 6-5 Michael, John
Wade, James 6-1 Edgar, Matthew
Dolan, Brendan 6-2 van de Pas, Benito
Ratajski, Krzysztof 6-5 Meeuwisse, Yordi
Van Baelen, Davy 6-3 Pipe, Justin
Gurney, Daryl 6-2 Tabern, Alan
Shepherd, Kirk 6-0 Burness, Kevin
Evans, Ricky 6-3 van der Voort, Vincent
Edhouse, Ritchie 6-2 Gray, Adrian
Cross, Rob 6-5 van Duijvenbode, Dirk
De Sousa, Jose 6-4 Humphries, Luke
Payne, Josh 6-3 North, Richard
Labanauskas, Darius 6-4 Hunt, Adam
Chisnall, Dave 6-5 Newell, Tony
Pallett, David 6-3 Dudbridge, Mark
Baker, Scott 6-4 Wilson, James
Robbe, Mario 6-2 Van der Meer, Vincent
Wright, Peter 6-5 Klaasen, Jelle
Evetts, Ted 6-3 Kanik, Tytus
Clemens, Gabriel 6-4 Derry, Nathan
Norris, Alan 6-4 Owen, Robert
Wattimena, Jermaine 6-1 Bates, Barrie
Lewis, Jamie 6-2 Kamphuis, Vincent
Smith, Ross 6-5 West, Steve
Eastwood, Gary 6-4 Worsley, Jonathan
Smith, Michael 6-0 Prins, Dave
Petersen, Devon 6-1 Zonneveld, Niels
Henderson, John 6-0 Nentjes, Geert
Hudson, Peter 6-2 Van den Bergh, Dimitri
Hopp, Max 6-3 Justicia, Jose
Huybrechts, Ronny 6-5 Wilson, Mark
Lennon, Steve 6-3 Stevenson, Simon
Richardson, James 6-2 Barnard, Michael
Lewis, Adrian 6-3 Whitehead, Conan
Hughes, Jamie 6-3 Lerchbacher, Zoran
Anderson, Kyle 6-1 Killington, George
Searle, Ryan 6-0 Temple, Terry
Cullen, Joe 6-5 Bunse, Christian
Robinson, Reece 6-5 van Duivenbode, Mike
Beaton, Steve 6-2 Dekker, Jan
van Barneveld, Raymond 6-3 Clark, Matt
Suljovic, Mensur 6-3 Bain, Jamie
Thornton, Robert 6-3 Webster, Mark
Schindler, Martin 6-3 Murnan, Joe
Wilkinson, Carl 6-1 Meikle, Ryan
Brown, Keegan 6-4 Webster, Darren
Boulton, Andy 6-5 Marijanovic, Robert
Noppert, Danny 6-4 Koltsov, Boris
Burton, Stephen 6-4 Meulenkamp, Ron

Second Round
White, Ian 6-0 Monk, Arron
Woodhouse, Luke 6-3 McGeeney, Mark
King, Mervyn 6-3 Reyes, Cristo
Durrant, Glen 6-4 Alcinas, Toni
Price, Gerwyn 6-2 Razma, Madars
Joyce, Ryan 6-3 Dobey, Chris
Clayton, Jonny 6-3 Ward, Harry
Aspinall, Nathan 6-4 Brooks, Bradley
Wade, James 6-1 Dolan, Brendan
Ratajski, Krzysztof 6-4 Van Baelen, Davy
Shepherd, Kirk 6-3 Gurney, Daryl
Evans, Ricky 6-2 Edhouse, Ritchie
Cross, Rob 6-4 De Sousa, Jose
Payne, Josh 6-2 Labanauskas, Darius
Chisnall, Dave 6-2 Pallett, David
Baker, Scott 6-5 Robbe, Mario
Evetts, Ted 6-5 Wright, Peter
Clemens, Gabriel 6-4 Norris, Alan
Wattimena, Jermaine 6-1 Lewis, Jamie
Smith, Ross 6-2 Eastwood, Gary
Petersen, Devon 6-3 Smith, Michael
Henderson, John 6-0 Hudson, Peter
Hopp, Max 6-4 Huybrechts, Ronny
Richardson, James 6-2 Lennon, Steve
Hughes, Jamie 6-1 Lewis, Adrian
Searle, Ryan 6-2 Anderson, Kyle
Cullen, Joe 6-4 Robinson, Reece
Beaton, Steve 6-3 van Barneveld, Raymond
Suljovic, Mensur 6-4 Thornton, Robert
Wilkinson, Carl 6-3 Schindler, Martin
Boulton, Andy 6-3 Brown, Keegan
Noppert, Danny 6-5 Burton, Stephen
Losers: £500

Last 32
White, Ian 6-2 Woodhouse, Luke
Durrant, Glen 6-5 King, Mervyn
Price, Gerwyn 6-2 Joyce, Ryan
Clayton, Jonny 6-4 Aspinall, Nathan
Wade, James 6-4 Ratajski, Krzysztof
Evans, Ricky 6-5 Shepherd, Kirk
Cross, Rob 6-3 Payne, Josh
Chisnall, Dave 6-3 Baker, Scott - *Baker hits a nine-darter*
Clemens, Gabriel 6-3 Evetts, Ted
Smith, Ross 6-4 Wattimena, Jermaine
Henderson, John 6-1 Petersen, Devon
Hopp, Max 6-2 Richardson, James
Searle, Ryan 6-5 Hughes, Jamie
Cullen, Joe 6-4 Beaton, Steve
Suljovic, Mensur 6-1 Wilkinson, Carl
Noppert, Danny 6-1 Boulton, Andy
Losers: £1,000

Last 16
Ian White 6-5 Glen Durrant
Gerwyn Price 6-5 Jonny Clayton
James Wade 6-3 Ricky Evans       
Rob Cross 5-6 Dave Chisnall       
Gabriel Clemens 6-4 Ross Smith
John Henderson 6-5 Max Hopp
Ryan Searle 6-4 Joe Cullen       
Mensur Suljovic 3-6 Danny Noppert
Losers: £1,500

Ian White 2-6 Gerwyn Price       
James Wade 3-6 Dave Chisnall       
Gabriel Clemens 6-4 John Henderson       
Ryan Searle 4-6 Danny Noppert
Losers: £2,250

Gerwyn Price 7-4 Dave Chisnall       
Gabriel Clemens 7-5 Danny Noppert
Losers: £3,000

Gerwyn Price 8-4 Gabriel Clemens
Winner: £10,000
Runner-up: £6,000

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Prolific Price claims Players Championship Five glory

Gerwyn Price claimed his fifth PDC title at Players Championship Five with an 8-4 victory over Gabriel Clemens in the final in Barnsley on Saturday.

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