Wright hopes health kick will inspire him to major glory

Wright is eyeing Champions League glory this weekend (credit:Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

Pumped-up Peter Wright is putting “less butter on his crumpets” in a bid to rule the darts world.

The world number two lines-up for the Paddy Power Champions League in a tough Group B alongside Rob Cross, Simon Whitlock and Mensur Suljovic.

But Wright, 48, admits that his gallstones illness just over a year ago is still affecting him as he dumps the unhealthy living to become the best in the world.

He revealed: "I've had no further problems with the gallstones. It's just going easy on the butter on your crumpets!

"It's just been a matter of cutting out all the bad stuff, not completely but everything in moderation as they say.

"The biggest thing is handling the lifestyle of being a dart player. It's trying to find what to eat at the right times. 

"When you go to the Premier League they just bring out pies and sausage rolls, all greasy stuff instead of healthy. But you have to think ahead and plan for healthier food.

"Now when I play on the day for breakfast I don’t have fry-ups anymore. That was always the routine and I swore by that.

"But now I have muesli and fruit and to be honest my concentration and energy levels are so much better now than when I had a fried breakfast."

Wright was in outstanding form a year ago before being struck down with gallstones on the eve of the World Championship. 

The colourful Scot has struggled to consistently capture his top form since, but he believes he has found the right formula again.

He added: "I don’t think people realise the hangover from the gallstones problem. You can see from my results the long-term effect it has had. 

"I win some with some tremendous games and then some diabolical performances. I really can't explain it to be honest. One minute I'm averaging 110 and the next 81. What the hell is going on?

"Maybe it's not having the right set-up? I've lost a lot of weight and that does have a massive effect on balance and throw.

"That has probably prompted me to change set-ups more to find the right one. In the Matchplay I got to the semis and played rubbish.

"So I changed darts for the World Series because I knew those darts weren’t working for me. I knew if I wanted to win a World Series I needed to switch darts and I did.

“I felt like I’m close to the sweet spot last weekend, the right set-up. I believed that I was going to win every single tournament for the rest of the year.

“So I know my head is fine. I used the darts for the first time and felt good. Even though there’s so many good players now I believe I’ve got the game to beat them all. If you don’t believe that you shouldn’t be playing at all anyway.

"I believe I'm better now than I was this time last year before the gallstones problems. Which gives me good belief approaching all these big tournaments. I believe I’m better than I’ve ever been."

Now Wright is totally focused on peaking at the right time for the business end of the campaign, starting with a clash against Whitlock in Brighton.

He added: "It's nice to come back from all the travelling. It’s back to big business of TV tournaments and preparing for the World Championship.

"I think I’m like most players now who will start to focus on the next few months to make sure the form arrives at the right time and not peak too soon.

"I like the format of the Champions League, it’s a bit like the Grand Slam. It’s important to get off to a good start to put pressure on the other guys. 

"I'm confident but there’ll be no sticks of rocks to eat with my new healthy regime. Maybe just stick a flight on the end of the rock!"

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Wright hopes health kick will inspire him to major glory

Pumped-up Peter Wright is putting “less butter on his crumpets” in a bid to rule the darts world.

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