Durrant to consider Qualifying School option in pursuit of “final challenge”

Durrant celebrates at the Grand Slam (credit:Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

BDO World Champion Glen Durrant says entering Qualifying School is a “definite option” as he looks to pursue the “final challenge” in his darting career.

Durrant has claimed back-to-back Lakeside titles and has dominated the BDO circuit over the last three years, holding down the number one spot despite picking and choosing his playing schedule.

The 47-year-old was at the centre of widespread speculation over a potential switch to the PDC last year but opted to remain a BDO player due to contractual ties.

Now, with the BDO having lifted sanctions relating to entry to PDC Qualifying School in January, Durrant admits he has food for thought over his future once again.

"I wish the BDO all the best moving forward, it's fulfilled all my dreams," Durrant told Live Darts prior to Tuesday's announcement of the BDO penning a three-year deal with Eurosport to screen the World Championship, World Masters and World Trophy.

"Playing at Lakeside in a final is something really special and I don't think much would ever top that.

"I owe the BDO a lot and I just want them to succeed.

"I'm still looking for challenges, I made the statement 'BDO for life' because the questions were just relentless.

"Who knows what the future is? But the PDC and Q School is a definite option.

"I wish it wasn't at times but I'm playing really good darts and the final challenge I guess would be the PDC."

Since successfully defending his Lakeside crown in January, 'Duzza' has gone on to claim four BDO ranking titles, including the World Trophy, and reached the final of the recent World Masters, losing out to shock winner Adam Smith-Neale.

Durrant, however, has revealed a worrying lack of motivation during World Masters week after balancing his major appearances with numerous exhibition commitments alongside the likes of Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld.

He added: "I wasn't motivated for the World Masters this year, there wasn't a lot of interest there for me and that's a scary thought if that's our second biggest tournament.

"I fully expected to win the game [against Smith-Neale], so to lose that match, it's still disappointing now.

"Being a three-time World Master would have meant a lot to me."

In an exclusive interview with Live Darts in August, Scott Waites suggested that "90 per cent" of BDO players could head to Q School in January, and Durrant has refused to rule out the possibility of throwing his hat into the ring.

"It'd be very easy to stay in the BDO but I guess I'm looking for that final challenge in my life," added the Middlesbrough ace.

"But if you read the statement, it doesn't say that if I win Lakeside this year that I can go to Q School and they wouldn't take 100 grand off me.

"No one's ever going to take 100 grand off me. If I won Lakeside again and they were prepared to take that money off me again I'd probably stay BDO because £100,000 to me is an awful lot of money.

"All I ask is for people to look at the bigger picture.

"If someone put 100 grand in your left hand and then said 'we're going to take that back off you because you've got an opportunity to get to the PDC', it'd be a different question if they said to me 'I'll give you the 100 grand back if I had a PDC Tour Card.'

"It's hard, Q School, people are saying "You'll cruise through" but you don't give anything away on reputation, I'd have to go there and work really hard and play well.

"I'm just going to focus on the Grand Slam and get myself prepared for the Finder Masters and definitely Lakeside.

"The past couple of years has enabled me to pay my mortgage off, I was able to help my daughter get on the property ladder and I stand here debt free now.

"I've got a great job, 30 years working in housing and the PDC schedule is quite a big thing to do because at this moment I'm picking and choosing what I want to do in the BDO."

Durrant will make his third consecutive appearance in the Grand Slam of Darts in November as one of the eight BDO players in the elite cross-code event before turning his attention to bidding to become the first player since Eric Bristow in 1986 to win three consecutive BDO world titles at Lakeside in January.

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Durrant to consider Qualifying School option in pursuit of “final challenge”

BDO World Champion Glen Durrant says entering Qualifying School is a “definite option” as he looks to pursue the “final challenge” in his darting career.

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