Gary Anderson gearing up for latest title tilt at the World Grand Prix

Anderson is eyeing a first Grand Prix crown (credit:Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

Gary Anderson admits he is in “a good place” before embarking on yet another title assault in the Unibet World Grand Prix.

The Flying Scotsman is enjoying a prolific year after winning the UK Open, US Masters, World Matchplay and Champions League.

Now he is ready to vie for another trophy he has not lifted before - the World Grand Prix - but he won't lose sleep over it if he doesn’t land it either.

Anderson faces Jonny Clayton on Day One in Dublin and admits: "I am in a good place to be honest. I don't really need to prove anything now at my age, I just do my thing.

"I've got darts where I want it to be, it's sort of at arms length. I don't worry if I don't win, I just accept that the other boy was better than me on the night. That's the way it is, that's sport.

"I don't throw a fit like a kid if I lose, we just move onto the next one. I'm relaxed about it and now I'm really enjoying my darts.

"There's been times when it's been a struggle. But this is probably the best I've felt in my career and I'll just enjoy it while I can.

"I seem to be picking up trophies that I've never won before this year. I've not ever had a good time at the UK Open or Matchplay, but for some reason they both went well this year. 

"Now it's the Grand Prix and it would be nice to add another one but we'll see how it goes. The Grand Slam is the tournament I've not won that I want to win the most though."

Perhaps the only cloud on the horizon for Anderson is the flare-up of his back problem that blighted the backend of his 2017 campaign and World Championship bid and resurfaced during last week's Champions League.

He added: "I don’t really know what causes it. I've just learnt to live with it to be fair. A bit like last year, I won't get much of a chance to get it sorted now, we are that busy.

"I realised during the Champions League that I was struggling to reach the 20s. So I've been switching to the 19s and finishing on 16s rather than tops. In a strange way it's made me a better player down that end of the board.

"It's not ideal but we just have to get on with it and try not to let it affect my game."

Anderson also admits that he loves getting over to Dublin but could be undone by the tricky double start format which has paved the way for countless upsets down the years.

The world number four missed last year's Grand Prix due to the birth of his daughter and added: "I would like to now win the Grand Prix obviously. My mentality is relaxed these days though. If I don't win it I go home and get extra time with the kids.

"I love playing darts out in Dublin. We do the tournament and then I do a few exhibitions and I just love it, a fantastic place.

"People are great, brilliant sense of humour, very much like the Jocks, bit of banter is always good. 

"I missed the City West last year because of my daughter being born and I’m really looking forward to getting back.

"The double start doesn’t bother me, I usually can’t hit a double to finish so I’ve got no chance!

"But seriously, we'll give it a go, there's some great games coming up with Michael Smith against Adie Lewis. I’ve got Jonny Clayton and he’s a smashing kid. Is Van Gerwen going to win it? You don’t know these days.

"In the old days in the pubs we used to play with a double start, double out. I've not played in pubs for 12 years so the boys who still do that will be comfortable with it, on the stage is a bit harder.

"Darts never stops now. You think you have a break but you don’t. The last 10 years has been constantly on the road.

"We used to have August off but now the World Series kicks in. It’s hard work but it’s our jobs so we’ve got to smile and get on with it."

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Gary Anderson gearing up for latest title tilt at the World Grand Prix

Gary Anderson admits he is in “a good place” before embarking on yet another title assault in the Unibet World Grand Prix.

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