Newton vows to fight back after “secret” shoulder agony

Fleetwood ace Newton celebrates (credit:Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

Wes Newton has vowed to battle his way back into the top echelons of world darts after a “secret” shoulder injury threatened to end his career.

The former world number six is back on the glory trail at the British Darts Organisation after a slump in form caused by the sudden blow to his right side.

Newton, 40, refused to have an operation on the shoulder fearing it could have a negative effect on his throwing action.

Now, he has a new lease of life on the oche after being snapped up by Red Dragon and faces Paul Hogan in his first BDO World Championship campaign on Saturday evening.

"It's been a really tough time," revealed Newton. "About four years ago I woke up and suddenly couldn’t lift my arm above my chest.

"It was some sort of repetitive strain injury but was obviously a massive problem for me. The docs told me it needed an operation. But they were saying stuff like the bone needed shaving and that may have a permanent effect on the movement of my arm.

"That worried me too much, it was a big risk. So I decided to just keep having Cortisone injections to solve the pain issue when I played.

"I thought it was safer to hope the injury sorted itself out rather than have the operation. That has proved the right decision so far, because I feel 100 per cent again.

"The trouble is I never told anyone about the shoulder, I kept it a secret. I didn't want to use it as an excuse so I just kept going.

"But my confidence soon went after my throw suffered a bit. I was worried when I was throwing about a twinge from my shoulder. My follow through wasn't strong enough.

"Then it sort of went in a downward spiral and it's so hard when your confidence drops like that. But I’m working hard now to get back on track."

Newton was a consistent performer in the PDC with three World Championship Quarter-Finals to his name, several other semi-final appearances and a runner-up spot in the UK Open and European Championship.

But his comeback trail has started back with the BDO. He added: "When I lost my tour card I went into the Challenge Tour. But there's only five weekends of that and I need to be playing more.

"So I've tried a few BDO events and it's been going well. That wasn't my intention, I just wanted to be playing more.

"Now I'm aiming to get up the rankings and go for the Lakeside. I’ve sort of gone back to basics and I'm enjoying myself again.

"I was delighted red dragon took me on great company like that behind me will help a million per cent so happy to be on board with them.

"I'm gonna be doing Q School again in January hopefully get your card back but this year just wanna be playing and competing regularly.

"I've been enjoying my time in BDO and been made to feel very welcomed there. I just wanna play darts at the end of the day, we're all dart players trying to achieve goals."

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Newton vows to fight back after “secret” shoulder agony

Wes Newton has vowed to battle his way back into the top echelons of world darts after a “secret” shoulder injury threatened to end his career.

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