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Fallon Sherrock withdraws from 2020 BDO World Championship

Seeds and ranking list qualifiers confirmed for 2020 BDO World Championship

Jamie Shaw in BDO World Championship 02 Dec 2019
Martin Adams is among the stars in action (Credit: Chris Dean/PDC)
The line-up for the 2020 BDO World Championship is all but confirmed following the cut off for the seeds and ranking table qualifiers.
The tournament will be held at London’s O2 Indigo in January for the first time as the elite men and women battle to claim the BDO’s most prestigious prize.
The men’s competition sees the top 16 players from the BDO ranking list seeded in the First Round draw and joined by the players ranked 17-24, while regional table qualifiers and those ranked 25-27 enter in the Preliminary Round.
Wesley Harms will be seeded number one ahead of World Trophy winner Jim Williams, while former champions Scott Mitchell and Scott Waites and former PDC world finalist Andy Hamilton are also among the seeds.
Thirteen year-old Leighton Bennett, the reigning BDO World Youth Champion, will make his senior debut as the number 18 in the rankings, while three-time champion Martin Adams returns to the line-up aged 63.
Ross Montgomery will qualify if no Asian qualifier is confirmed, while Aaron Turner will qualify if the 2019 World Masters champion is already among the World Championship line-up.
The Ladies draw sees four-time World Champion Lisa Ashton seeded number one ahead of reigning World Champion Mikuru Suzuki.
Beau Greaves will make her debut aged 15, while ten-time World Champion Trina Gulliver MBE must hope the Ladies World Masters champion has already qualified if she is to secure a place in the competition.
The line-ups for both the men’s and ladies BDO World Championships will be confirmed following the play-off qualifiers in Grays on October 28, with a further four players qualifying for the men’s tournament and two for the ladies.

Men’s BDO World Championship 2020

Top 16 (seeded in First Round)
1 Wesley Harms (Netherlands) 415
2 Jim Williams (Wales) 368
3 Richard Veenstra (Netherlands) 353
4 Dave Parletti (England) 311
5 Wayne Warren (Wales) 310
6 Nick Kenny (Wales) 301
7 Martijn Kleermaker (Netherlands) 298
8 Willem Mandigers (Netherlands) 275
9 Scott Mitchell (England) 268
10 Adam Smith-Neale (England) 233
11 Mario Vandenbogaerde (Belgium) 232
12 Andy Hamilton (England) 217
=13 David Evans (England) 212
=13 Gary Robson (England) 212
15 Ryan Hogarth (Scotland) 202
16 Scott Waites (England) 199
17-24 in BDO Rankings (First Round)
17 Gary Stone (Scotland) 197
18 Leighton Bennett (England) 192
19 Chris Landman (Netherlands) 190
20 Michael Unterbuchner (Germany) 187
21 Dennie Olde Kalter (Netherlands) 185
22 Gino Vos (Netherlands) 181
23 Martin Adams (England) 180
24 Sebastian Steyer (Poland) 178
25-28 in BDO Rankings (Preliminary Round)
25 Simon Stainton (England) 176
=26 Brian Raman (Belgium) 172
=26 Ross Montgomery (Scotland) 172 (If No Asian Qualifer)
28 Aaron Turner (England) 165 (If World Master has already qualified)
Men’s Regional Qualifiers
Baltic: Andreas Harrysson (Sweden)
British: Paul Hogan (England)
Canada: David Cameron (Canada)
Eastern Europe: Gabriel Pascaru (Romania)
New Zealand: Darren Herewini (New Zealand)
USA: Joe Chaney (USA)
Western Europe: Thibault Tricole (France)
Australia: Justin Thompson (Australia)
Plus four Play-Off Qualifiers (TBC)

Ladies World Championship 2020

Top eight (seeded in First Round)
1 Lisa Ashton (England) 433
2 Mikuru Suzuki (Japan) 383
3 Aileen de Graaf (Netherlands) 370
4 Fallon Sherrock (England) 368
5 Deta Hedman (England) 356
6 Beau Greaves (England) 355
7 Anastasia Dobromyslova (Russia) 339
8 Lorraine Winstanley (England) 337
9-14 in BDO Rankings
9 Laura Turner (England) 326
10 Maria O’Brien (England) 280
11 Casey Gallagher (England) 274
12 Paula Jacklin (England) 251
13 Sharon Prins (Netherlands) 245
14 Trina Gulliver (England) 239 (If World Master has already qualified)
Plus two Play-Off Qualifiers (TBC)